Whether you know it as bubur (Malay) or chok (Cantonese), porridge is a perfect comfort food. Here are five spreads to bookmark.

Coffee Lounge

Taiwan porridge a la carte buffet ($39++, daily 12-2.30pm, 6-10.30pm Mon-Sun, minimum 2 to dine)—choose from all-time favourites braised pork belly with dark soy sauce, chilled beancurd in Japanese soya sauce and pork floss, kang kong with sambal, and shredded pork with preserved vegetables.

Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road. Tel: 6730 1746


Crystal Cafe

With a cosy ambience, it is well-known for its affordable Taiwan porridge buffet (Mon-Thu $13.80++ adult, $11.80++ child; Fri-Sun $15.80++ adult, $13.80++ child), which features more than a dozen traditional Teochew dishes like braised chicken feet, tau kwa, tau pok, kiam chye and egg, and jacket leather fish. Desserts include mini cream cakes and almond jelly.

Orchard Grand Court, 131 Killiney Road. Tel: 6830 2020


Orchid Cafe [KID]

Nothing beats having a simple but satisfying supper of warm Teochew porridge (daily lunch $16.80++, dinner $18.80++). You’ll find about 14 main dishes and a choice of condiments at this humble but filling buffet: pig’s trotters, salted egg, mixed vegetables, stir-fried meats, kungpao chicken and even European fare like soup and pasta salad. Children will love the homely antiquated cafe as there’s lots of room for them to move about and baby high chairs and kids’ cutlery are available upon request. Menu changes daily.

Level 3 Orchid Hotel, 1 Tras Link. Tel: 6818 6818


Quality Cafe

Since 2005, the Taiwan porridge buffet (dinner $20.80++ adult, $11.80++ child, Mon-Thu 6-10pm; $22.80++ adult, $11.80++ child, Fri-Sun 6-10pm, supper $12.80++ adult, $6.80++ child, Mon-Thu 10.30pm-12.30am; $14.80++ adult, $6.80++ child, Fri-Sun 10.30pm-12.30am) has been popular—favourites include the signature popiah and Taiwan porridge served with a range of condiments and spread of chilled and hot desserts.

Quality Hotel Marlow, 201 Balestier Road. Tel: 6233 6363


Soup Restaurant  

We all have heard of their samsui ginger chicken—but have you heard about their porridge buffet (adult $18.90++, child $11.90++, Mon-Fri)? Two pax and above are entitled to one specialty dish: samsui ginger chicken, tofu prawns or half-steamed-half-fried little pomfret. Buffet includes unlimited coffee, Teochew olive rice/jasmine fragrant rice and many other dishes like steamed char siew bun, sambal kang kong, minced pork with olive leaves and steamed san yu fish slices.

Buffet is available only at Hougang Mall outlet. #02-21 Hougang Mall, 90 Hougang Ave 10. Tel: 6386 6188