Feast on buffets right i nyour own hood, in the Novena and Balestier areas. From malls to shophouses, we’ve found buffets of every cuisine for every appetite.

Novena and Balestier are known to be food havens, with a wide galore of restaurants serving all types of cuisine, from Peranakan to Thai. Even their hawker selections are great and aplenty, so there’s no reason why they wouldn’t be great for buffets too. Here, we scoured the grungy neighbourhood for 15 eateries offering free-flowing nosh.



#01-02/04 Oasia Hotel Novena, 8 Sinaran Drive. Tel: 6664 0348

Yes, this hotel breakfast buffet is open to the public (daily 6.30-10.30am, $30++). They offer an international spread with items like fried mee siam, a well-stocked bread station and cheese table–nothing like their usual a la carte menu. Check out their egg station, where you can get fluffy omelettes and silky scrambled eggs.


Hotel ibis Singapore Novena, 6 Irrawaddy Road. Tel: 6808 9815

Complete your stay with the quintessential hotel breakfast buffet (daily 6.30-10am, $15++). Load up your plate with a mixture of Western and local foods like sausages, eggs, bacon and porridge with all the accompaniments. The breakfast buffet is open to the public, so it’s perfect for early risers.




#02-11/12 Velocity@Novena Square, 238 Thomson Road. Tel: 6358 4466

Need to fill up between lunch and dinner? Come here for their high-tea buffet (Sat-Sun 3-5pm, $18.80++) and stuff yourself with perennial favourites like potstickers, hand-pulled noodles with minced pork, and one of the best soup dumplings in town.


Quality Hotel Marlow, 201 Balestier Road. Tel: 6254 0090

Satiate your late-night porridge cravings at their dinner and supper buffet (6-10pm Mon-Thu, $24.80++, Fri-Sun, $26.80++; 10.30am-12.30am, Mon-Thu $12.80++, Fri- Sun $14.80++). Choose from sweet potato or chicken porridge, then load up on accompaniments like braised egg, steamed prawns and rendang. The buffet also comes with a dessert station where you can make your own ice kachang.




Days Hotel Singapore at Zhongshan Park, 1 Jalan Rajah. Tel: 6808 6847

Spice things up with their daily buffet (Mon-Fri 12nn- 2.30pm, $30++; Mon-Thu 6-10pm, $40++; Fri-Sun 6.30- 10pm $44++) offering a mix of Mediterranean and Asian cuisines. Besides crowd-pleasers like fresh seafood and cold cuts, there’re also dishes such as seafood paella, pizza and Nyonya kuehs.


Ramada Singapore at Zhongshan Park, 16 Ah Hood Road. Tel: 6808 6846

Get the best of both worlds here with a semi-buffet (12nn-2.30pm, Mon-Fri $28++, Sat-Sun $45; 6-10.30pm Mon-Thu $45++, Fri-Sun $49++) with sizzling tze char dishes and an international selection. Order items like black pepper crab and stir-fried clams that are prepared a la minute and sent to your table. While waiting, hit the buffet spread featuring items like sushi, kueh pie tee and roasted pork belly.





#02-02 Revenue House, 55 Newton Road. Tel: 6253 2469

Get spoilt with a large selection of seafood like shashi, snow crabs and oysters prepared multiple ways at this Japanese buffet (Mon-Fri 12nn-3pm, $25.80++; Sat-Sun 11.30am-3.30pm, $40.80++; Mon-Thu 6-10pm, $40.80++; Fri-Sun $42.80++). They also have a grill station where you can have your food prepared live with toppings like mentaiko. The dessert station is also highly recommended as they offer ice cream, a chocolate fountain and a DIY waffle station.


#B1-01 United Square Shopping Mall, 101 Thomson Road. Tel: 6254 6686

Around since 2002, this restaurant serves up Japanese, Chinese, western and other cuisines. Get your seafood fix with a menu (11.30am- 3pm Mon-Fri $37.80++; Sat-Sun $39.80++; 5.30-10.30pm Mon-Fri $47.80++; Sat-Sun $49.80++) that runs the whole gamut from sashimi to black pepper crab to roast beef. Popular items include their salmon sashimi and fresh oysters that get snapped up quickly.





#03-33 Square 2, 10 Sinaran Drive. Tel: 6397 6752

This restaurant offers one of the few non-BBQ Korean buffets (daily 11.30am-3pm, Mon-Fri $15.88++; Sat-Sun $18.88++) around. You get unlimited servings of homey dishes like ginseng porridge, appetite-whetting banchan and bulgogi. To fill you up, the buffet also comes with a choice of mains, including kimchi fried rice and ja jang myeon (Korean minced meat noodles).


#B1-14/15/16 United Square Shopping Mall, 101 Thomson Road. Tel: 6254 8123

Get ready to queue for a table to get your fill ($14++ Mon-Fri 11.30am-2.30pm; $24++ Mon-Fri 5pm- 10.30pm, Sat-Sun 11.30am-10.30pm) of Korean BBQ staples like bulgogi, pork belly and beef short rib at this popular joint. They also offer free-flow drinks and fresh fruits to cut through all those greasy grilled meats.





It’s a fresh new concept from our favourite Thai specialist! Choose from two kinds of tom yam, pork or chicken soup bases at their Thai steamboat buffet (Mon- Thu 11.30am-4pm, $16.90++, 4-9pm, $24.90++; Fri-Sun 11.30am-4pm, $20.90++, 4-9pm, $26.90++), where you can find all the steamboat essentials like sliced meat, fish, Chinese cabbage and seafood tofu. The buffet also includes free-flowing drinks like Thai iced milk tea and lemongrass tea. Dinner comes with all the ice cream you can eat too.


Level 2 Hotel Royal, 36 Newton Road. Tel: 6251 8135

First opened in 1986, the restaurant does a steamboat buffet (Mon-Thu 11.30am-2.30pm, $19.80++, 6.30-10.30pm $24.80++; Fri-Sun 1.30am-2.30pm, 6.30- 10.30pm $26.80++) boasting fresh ingredients, and a zingy chilli sauce. The a la carte buffet also comes with some cooked items that can be ordered off the menu like fried chicken wings, with Peking duck that’s only available during dinner.




#03-09/10 Velocity@Novena Square, 238 Thomson Road. Tel: 6538 2992

This venerable meatless restaurant by TungLok serves inventive vegetarian dishes like rojak and dim sum, which includes siew mai and mock char siew pastry. The buffet (11am-3pm Mon-Thu, $22.80++; Fri-Sun, $24.80) also includes a steamboat with a wide range of healthy ingredients, so you won’t feel guilty for stuffing yourself.



Quality Hotel Marlow, 201 Balestier Road. Tel: 6254 0090

This leading vegetarian restaurant from Taiwan offers an extensive line-up (Mon-Thu 11.30am-3pm $20.80++, 5.45-10pm $22.80++; Fri-Sun 11.30am-3pm $24.80++, 5.45-10pm $24.80++) of meatless variations on everything from sashimi to laksa. They also do eggless cakes at their dessert station.


Featured image: Flavours at Zhongshan Park