First impressions: This two-storey building (part of it is a spa) is situated behind the row of shops at 8D Dempsey Road, and seems to blend into its lush rainforest surroundings. Full length windows line the interior allowing natural light to stream in to give a welcoming atmosphere. An assortment of mismatched furniture fit into the spaces to exude a cosy vibe.

Food stations: The long table is distinctly separated into sweets like mini cupcakes, tarts and scones, and savouries like salads, skinny pizzas and meats, with an additional live sandwich counter and a cooler stand. In sync with the garden theme were a scattering of fallen leaves, shovels, rakes, vintage books, red bricks and the personalised handwritten names of each small bite on reused tin cans.

Start off with a choice of four potted teas: homemade ginger tea, grape boost tea, hip hop chai and fruity mango tea. My mama chose the homemade ginger tea brewed using freshly ground ginger which aids in digestion, while I went for the non-caffeinated, grape boost tea option which consists of rooibos, honeybush and grapeseed. But, we recommend heading to the refreshing basil lemonade cooler stand first as it doesn’t get replenished when it runs out.

The whimsical set up is as pretty as an Alice in Wonderland party, but don’t take too long to snap those Instagram-worthy pictures or you’ll be left looking at crumbs as staff take some time to replenish the spread.

While I started off with items that got my attention aesthetically, mama went for a sampling of each and every item which she compiled on two plates. “Just try all first, then you’ll know what to have next,”  she advised. We went for the savoury side dishes, mum was being the typical Singaporean, and I was trying to balance my single plate consisting of a seafood and pumpkin skinny pizza, and roasted peppers stuffed with goat’s cheese and pesto, all which were pretty good.

Moving on to something heavier, I went for the denser sandwiches which are prepared upon order. Three types of sandwiches were on offer that day: sautéed mushrooms, beef, and grilled chicken, lightly toasted then drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with chopped herbs. Mama went down the greener route with a tossed salad, and tried three homemade dressings for the salad (marjoram, honey lemon and herb infused olive oil), with a copious amount of nuts and dried fruits over her greens.

Save space for the sweets with a twist! About 10 items were showcased, but the really interesting gems that day were the chilli chocolate cupcake, caramel banana flower pot, and crispy curry leaf almond brownie. While I raved about the charcoal scones with homemade raspberry jam, clotted cream and butter, mum appreciated the use of fresh herbs in the caramel banana flower pot; a banana walnut base with added crunch from the slightly bitter coffee soil.

Not so hawt: It can get really crowded on some days, so reserve in advance for this super popular affair!

Final say: This Mother’s Day–or any day, in fact–is a good time to treat your mama to something special. There’s a creative assortment of food that incorporates fresh herbs as well as contrasting flavours that pique the taste buds, where every detail is oh so delicious!