We’ve all heard about the sweet 1-for-1 deals and seasonal drinks, but before you settle for the usual perk-me-ups like green tea frappe or caramel macchiato, Starbucks Reserve is more than scurrying off with a drink in hand within minutes.

There may be five outlets in Singapore serving Starbucks Reserve coffee, but only one takes you through an eye-opening experience. Make the most of your time in this ‘theatre for coffee’ by engaging in an intimate session with passionate baristas as you curate the perfect cuppa joe.

Here’s how it goes:

Step 1 — Pick your favourite Starbucks Reserve coffee.

Arriving in limited quantities according to season, your preferred choice of beans are presented; from nutty to chocolates notes, or revel in the floral aroma of Mexican Guadalupe Zaju (psst… it is exclusive to Singapore!).

Step 2 — Choose from 4 different brewing methods. 

If not for elegant floor-to ceiling-windows, chic marble top and comfy furniture, you might feel as though you are back in a school science lab decked with delicate brewing equipment. You’ll be amazed by the disparate taste and texture each method yields.

That’s not all. Set your eyes on the state-of-the-art, unsung hero of espresso, the Black Eagle. Being the only machine approved in World Barista Championships, beans roasted and brewed using the functions here is known for its consistency in producing smooth and intense flavours.

However, we were sold by the Nitro cold brew on tap (only available at United Square). Infusing nitrogen into the usual cold brew, look towards an Instagram-worthy cascading waterfall like appearance which boasts a creamy texture and an unforgettable sensation. Psst: With 3 times the dosage of caffeine, this drink is not recommended in venti size!

United Square, 101 Thomson Road. Tel: 6910 1185