We turn to F&N NutriTea‘s Chrysanthemum with Wolfberry ($1.40-2.05) for that familiar home-brewed taste. With 25 percent less sugar, this version is an office fave for its ’cooling’ properties, especially if you’re having a sore throat or fever. We particularly like the traditional touch of naturally sweet wolfberry, which also provides antioxidants and vitamins (yay).


Hello, ALO! Fresh to our market is a best-selling aloe vera juice from the U.S., available in five flavours ($2.95, Fairprice Finest). With a natural, healthy outlook that’s gluten and fat-free, this detoxifier can be enjoyed in its original taste with honey, mangosteen and mango, pomegranate and cranberry, watermelon and peach, and our personal favourite–pomelo, grapefruit and lemon.


Heaven & Earth‘s Mango Tea and Apple Tea ($1.15, Redmart.com) are its latest flavours. The mango tea is subtly infused with a hint of chamomile to enhance its thirst-quenching qualities, while the apple tea boasts a whiff of lemongrass that energises the senses. Like the rest of the brand’s range of green and Western brews, these two new flavours are well-balanced for repeat sips.


Interestingly enough, Ribena Pineapple & Passionfruit ($1.80) is the brand’s first non-blackcurrant drink. The new fun flavour, in a 500ml bottle, balances sweet, tart and tropical notes from the combination of fruit juices for a hearty dose of the day’s vitamin C requirement. Keep it well chilled and handy for picnics, outings and more.


Ocean Spray Cran-Grape ($1.40 for 295ml, $5 for 1.5L) makes it easier to get your dose of vitamin C as well as compounds from cranberry that can help suppress bacteria that cause stomach ulcers. Don’t stop there though. Like the Classic Cranberry flavour, this grape-y version is perfect for turning into a seltzer by adding soda, or acting as a mixer with spirits.




OWL Kopitiam Roast & Ground ($4.95-5.90) makes it easier to enjoy kopitiam beverages at home and–what’s even better–to share with friends overseas. Fresh ground coffee, made from Arabica and Robusta that have been traditionally caramelised and charcoal roasted, are enclosed in convenient filter bags in individual sachets. There are five flavours to choose from, including Kopi-O (with sugar), Kopi-O Gao (our fave), Kopi Siew Dai (reduced sugar), Kopi-C Kosong (no sugar) and the regular Kopi (with milk and sugar).


Gryphon Singapura Spice ($21.45, www.gryphontea.com) presents green tea with a surprise twist–the fragrant curry leaf, inspired by Singapore’s 50th birthday. This feisty organic green tea, contained in a silk tea sachet, harmonises the distinctive leaf with sweeter flavours like peppermint, lemongrass, mango, pineapple and lemon, ending with just a touch of spiciness to give it a Singaporean kick. While you can easily pair the tea with chilli crab, Malay fried chicken and salted egg yolk prawns, it also stands on its own as an aromatic brew.