What ‘s not to love about shopping for wine online? Think speedy deliveries , friendly vino notes and peer reviews to help you snag the right bottle. Cheers to that!

Founded in May 2014 by wine enthusiast Alexis Lhoyer,  wanderwine wants to be your oenophile best friend. The  wines are a personal reflection of the tastes of three local  sommeliers (called tastemakers), Gerald Lu, Fazil and  Stephanie Rigourd, who make personal recommendations  for everyone from casual drinkers to connoisseurs.
Not sure what to look for? The personal sommelier  generates a list of choices based on your answers to six  simple questions.
Can’t find anything you like? Contact  them directly with your request and the sommeliers will  be happy to assist.
Delivery fee: Free delivery over $75, otherwise $16 for  delivery. Ships to locations all over Singapore.
How fast? Next day delivery if you order before 12am.
Delivery hours: Four timeslots: 10am-1pm, 12-3pm,  3-6pm and 6-10pm.

Wine Family
An online marketplace that hosts multiple vendors who  sell directly to the consumers. Also, with an integrated  social platform, Grapevine provides an enhanced buying  and consuming experience–basically to have fun!
Not sure what to look for? Just answer four simple  questions, and get a list of wines according to your input  selections and preferences.
Delivery fee: Free for any mix of over six bottles of  wines, otherwise $15 delivery charge. If you purchase  less than three bottles from one merchant, a small fee will  be charged to cover costs per merchant collection. One  bottle per merchant is charged at $6 and two bottles per
merchant at $4.
How fast? Express deliveries on the same day when you  order before 12pm. Orders after 12pm are delivered the
next day, except Sunday and public holidays.
Delivery hours: Wed and Sat, 2-6pm and 6-10pm.
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* Wanderwine and Wine Family will be merging into one  platform by the end of 2016

A collaboration between Alfa International (1974) and  ewineasia.com (2004). They are one of Asia’s leading  wholesalers and online spirits and fine wine stores.
Wine selection: Meticulously categorised by country,  type, spirit and mixed cases. For an easier user  experience, shop by producer, style, grape variety,  vintage, price and region or a combination of any of these  attributes.
Delivery fee: Free delivery above $200. Standard  delivery $15; night, Sat and express delivery $30. Express  delivery gets sent out the next day after order is approved  before 11.30am. You’re able to track your order too!
How fast? Delivered two working days after order  confirmation for standard, night (after 6pm) and Sat  delivery.
Delivery hours: (standard and express deliveries) Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, (night and Sat deliveries) after 6pm.

Simply Wine
Individually picked out by the staff, each bottle is a  commitment to quality. Wines start from as cheap as $15  for a 750ml bottle of Italian red or white wine.
Wine selection: From 11 countries, 32 regions, 43 grape  types and in 13 styles.
Delivery fee: Free delivery with purchase above $75, or  else $6 delivery charge.
How fast? Within a day or by the next working day.
Delivery hours: Mon-Fri 10am-5.30pm. Specific delivery  timings can be arranged with advance notice of 72 hours.

Epicurio (sg.epicurio.co)
A wine app that doubles as your handy notebook. The  wine community platform was developed by Clement  Hochart and friends, and launched in Singapore in  2014. Jot down and remember tasting notes on wines,  and follow friends or people of interest like bloggers or  experts. It’s more about trust and word of mouth than the  ratings.
Delivery fee: Free  delivery above $50,  or else $6 delivery  charge.
How fast? Same day delivery for most of their products  if ordered before 12pm.
Delivery hours: 10am-1pm, 2-4pm, 4-7pm, 7-10pm.
P.S.: Get easy access to your past reviews with just a  scan of the bottle label.

BottlesXO combines the best of new technology and  Old World wine enjoyment. The three tech-savvy, wineloving  founders have done the groundwork on picking 31  European wineries purchased directly from the producers  that meet their required quality and good ethics, which
is then available to the market via an application with  an easy user-interface, which aims to be your mobile  sommelier.
Delivery fee: Free delivery with no minimum order.  Operating in four cities including Singapore (Shanghai,  Suzhou and Hong Kong).
How fast? Aims to deliver under 60 mins
Delivery hours: Mon-Fri 2-10.30pm, Sat-Sun  10.30am-10.30pm.