BiTES paid for our own products at the respective supermarkets


Vita Coco ($1.90, 330ml, FairPrice Finest)
On the label: Natural coconut water, natural fruit sugar (fructose <1%), vitamin C
Taste test: “Salty” –our first impression, followed by a slightly superficial sweetness.


IF Coconut Water local sensation ($1.20, 350ml, FairPrice Finest)
On the label: 100% coconut water, 26.6kcal, 6.09g sugars
Taste Test: Strong smelling with a sour-ish aftertaste. might be from an older coconut with its heavy taste.


[MOST LUXE] Cocoloco ($4.50, 330ml, Gourmet Food Co)
On the label: 100% Thai coconut water
Taste test: Smells and tastes like fresh coconut water from its husk–the real deal, though it comes at a steep price. It needs to be refrigerated and keeps only two days.


Munkijo ($3.80, 330ml, Cedele, Novena Square)
On the label: 100% organic coconut water, 14g sugars
Taste test: The fun-looking packaging gives us the feel of a ’stick a straw into a coconut’ moment. Though organic, our pack had a chlorine-ish smell and paper taste.


[FAVE] Cocomax ($1.60, 500ml, FairPrice Finest)
On the label: 100% coconut water, 51kcal, 10.8g sugars
Taste test: A likeable coconut taste–not too sweet or bland. The bottling is more convenient for carrying around than tetra-paks.


Coco Life ($1.50, 330ml, FairPrice Finest)
On the label: Coconut water, natural fruit sugar, vitamin C
Taste test: The fresh coconut taste was missing, masked by a canned fruit-like sweet smell.


Just Picked Coco Water ($2.70, 330ml, Paragon Market Place)
On the label: 100% pure coconut water, 60kcal, 9.7g sugars
Taste test: Felt a tad diluted though the coconut taste was neutral and pleasant.


Tipco ($2.95, 1 litre, FairPrice Finest)
On the label: 100% coconut water, 23.2kcal/100ml, 5g sugars/100ml
Taste test: It tastes like sweet nata-de-coco syrup to us. Based on the presentation and value price, it’s probably best for party mixers.


[GREAT VALUE] UFC Refresh Coconut Water ($1.75, 500ml, FairPrice Finest)
On the label: 100% natural coconut water, 265kJ, 8.6g sugars, 5 essential electrolytes
Taste test: Not too sweet and has a milder taste (bears the healthier choice logo)–it has a pleasant and cooling effect.