In addition to OWL’s Nutrifield soya range of products like the instant soya beancurd pudding and the soy cereal, comes their newly improved recipe using 100% finely milled freeze dried banana in their soy cereal (price not available at press time). A single serving of banana oat soy cereal will provide you with 40.2% of your daily whole-grain requirement. stir it up and have it for a quick remedy to your hunger pangs.

Made from white ginger from northern Thailand, and harvested at 12 months, Gingen instant ginger drink ($5.80/box of 10) comes in four pleasing flavours–100% ginger (no sugar), strong ginger (80% ginger), ginger with brown sugar (75% ginger) and ginger with honey (69% ginger). Serve as a remedy for indigestion, motion and morning sickness.

Targeted at working adults, MILO Nutri G ($1.20/bottle, $6.95 for six) incorporates four different whole grains–oats, brown rice, barley and wheat, with fibre composition equivalent to one bowl of rolled oats in its iconic drink. We liked the smooth texture, which is slightly thicker than the usual milo, and the petite handy size–it literally fits in a hand.

Tamarind, also known as the Manila sweet, with its powerful antioxidant properties and essential vitamins now comes in a convenient can–Yeo’s Tamarind juice drink ($0.65 from Sheng Siong, 330ml). Its signature sweet and slightly sour flavour gives this refreshing drink a nice tangy burst. Freeze up a batch to get some icy popsicles for a quick remedy on warm sticky days, and don’t just limit your creativity to having them as popsicles–experiment by adding it to salads or even curry too.

Challenge your physical limits and push through the fatigue with Lucozade Sport‘s zesty, perk-me-up orange ($1.40) flavour. The official isotonic sponsor of the Spartan race, Tri-factor series and The performance series offers longer hydration with their specially formulated isotonic electrolyte drink.