Take a trip down memory lane at Clarke Quay’s newest arcade-themed bar.

Stepping inside Level Up is like a blast to the neon-coloured past. A floor above Tomo Izakaya at Clarke Quay, the arcade machine outside hints at what awaits as you pass through Level Up’s unassuming entrance. Inside you’ll find a treasure trove of nostalgic arcade games – Street Fighter, Time Crisis, X-Men: The Arcade Game, air hockey, basketball hoop shots, racing and more – that will bring out your inner child as your party the night away.

Level Up Clarke Quay

With a great view of Clarke Quay, Level Up rocks a retro vibe that brings Strangers Things to mind – but don’t worry, there’s no Demogorgon waiting to pull you into the Upside-Down. Able to fit 250 people, Level Up’s walls are decorated with graffiti by local street art collective RSCLS, and the toilets are filled with Archie comics. Young musicians take the stage from Tuesdays to Saturdays, while Sundays see the venue adopt a more family-friendly establishment so children can enjoy themselves.

During Level Up’s launch on the 15th of November, we were served a variety of food and drink, including their signature punch bowls: Purple Galaxy, Watermelon Sake and Botanical Paradise. A bright pink, Watermelon Sake reminded us of watermelon sweets in a liquid form, without a strong alcohol taste. Purple Galaxy and Botanical Paradise are better suited for those who want to taste the alcohol, but since Level Up has just launched we’re sure these small teething problems will be solved eventually.

Level Up Clarke Quay

Basketball arcade game

Level Up Clarke Quay

Live band with Khim Ng

We loved the sweet truffle corn cups, where popcorn is glazed with delectable truffle butter, as well as the Typhoon tater tots, mini hash browns drizzled with nacho cheese and soy crumbs. Presented with their mini sliders Asian style, we found the thinly sliced short beef ribs with caramelised onion and mustard to be cooked to medium-rare perfection. Tsukune (Japanese chicken meatballs) and spicy pulled pork mini sliders are also available.

Level Up Clarke Quay

Bishi Bashi at Level Up, Clarke Quay

Whether you’re an 80’s baby, 90’s honey, or just a fan of arcades and alcohol, Level Up seems poised to be one of Clarke Quay’s hottest hangouts. Friends, food, drinks and arcade games? Seems like a winning combo to us.

3A River Valley Road, #02-04. Tel: 6266 2276