Say aloha to Singapore’s fast growing tiki craze.

Hardly anyone can walk away from a refreshing tiki drink. These tropical tipples are easy-going and can pack quite a punch. Here are our three tiki bars sure to have you dreaming of a beach holiday.

Bee Bee’s

Bee Bee’s Flora Nangka ($15)

Bryan Kishore may only be 22 years of age, but he is making a mark in Singapore’s cocktail scene with his bold take on tropical tiki tipples over at Bee Bee’s. His Indian-Peranakan heritage is evident as he packs his bar with syrups and spices commonplace in a nyonya kitchen. The best seat in the house is always by the bar, where you will find your weary soul ignited by the exotic floral overtones of ginger flower or the characteristic aroma of pandan leaves.

Flora Nangka ($15) and punch bowl Aksi-Bit ($50) both make use of the peculiar profile of a jackfruit. The former uses the creamy toffee flavour of a Bacardi Oro rum and aromatic orange blossom water to round off the sweet yet tart flavours of this tropical ingredient. A glimpse into what the sort of mad scientist-esque concoctions Bryan Kishore is up to behind the bar. Those who love their classics will enjoy his spirit-forward take on the classic Dark and Stormy, Dark As Selva ($15) or Murmurs in Purple ($15), a gin sour.

Drinks aside, the vibe is young, vibrant and welcoming. A couple drinks down, you might very well find yourself roped into an impromptu karaoke session of 90’s hits with new friends.

55A Boat Quay. Tel: 9172 6729



Tiki Bar by Aloha Poke

Aloha Poke

Scorpion Bowl ($55) at Aloha Poke Tiki Bar

Skip the red-eye flight and head on over to Aloha Poké’s “secret” Tiki Bar.

Neighbours with the likes of Employees Only and Jigger & Pony, this night-time only bar has been attracting crowds with their lively, neon-lit tiki vibes, volcanic cocktails and fiery punch bowls. The Fiery Passion ($18) is a hit with the ladies, with the lovely interplay between spiced rum, vanilla and passionfruit, while the Scorpion Bowl (for 2 to 4 pax, $55) is their rendition of the classic Zombie and an instant party favourite.

All can be enjoyed alongside their usual offerings of poke (with nachos, $11 or as a bowl, $18), loco moco ($24) and so on.

 92 Amoy Street. Tel: 6221 6165



Ola Beach Club

Sink your toes into the sandy beaches of Sentosa for the true tiki experience at Ola Beach Club.

Not only does Ola Beach Club feature a sprawling beach, but it is also home to their very own watersports centre. When you are not kayaking on the clear ocean waters, or propelling into the clouds, sip up on their four signature Ola Tikis while soaking up the sun. The watermelon-based Ola Huli Pau ($23) is a particular favourite after a hot day out at sea, while those who love their desserts will enjoy the Melemele Tiki ($22), served with a homemade cinnamon banana puree.

 46 Siloso Beach Walk. Tel: 8189 6601