As night falls, the party starts.

What better way to get into a spooky state of mind than with ample glasses of wine. Here are 4 hallo-wines to drown in, without breaking the bank.

19 Crimes

19 crimes

Bring a little mischief to your Halloween party with 19 Crimes.

Halloween scares pale in comparison to 18th century London. A list of 19 crimes ruled over the citizens, and being guilty of any—be it bigamy or larceny—would land you a one-way ticket to Australia. While it sounds glamorous now, the continent was harsh, unknown and terrifying. Still, these men forged ahead, building the bustling cities and vineyards we now know and love.

The 2015 Red Blend ($24.90) and 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon ($24.90) celebrate that very tenacity. The former, uncompromising with its bright cherry and strawberry notes, with a pleasing vanilla character, while the latter is sweet with red currants and caramel. The bottles themselves are quite a marvel, each branded with the aforementioned convicts and their crimes.

So, will you dare “commit” all 19?

Fairprice, Cold Storage and Giant supermarkets.

Casillero del Diablo Devilish Release

Casillero del Diablo Devilish Release

According to legend, a wealthy man is said to have propagated the unlikely story of the devil residing in his cellar. (Perhaps it was simply an attempt at scaring his servants away from his precious wine collection.) This mysterious tale spun into a world-renowned series of Cabernet Sauvignon, making Chile proud of the ominous Casillero del Diablo (devil’s cellar).

This year is no different as the winery takes the theme a step further with a limited Devilish Release ($32.50 on The deep ruby red unveils sweet plum and cherry notes, with a hint of earthy oak. An all-rounded party wine sure to keep your guests on their toes.

Fat Bastard Bloody Red Halloween

Fat Bastard Bloody Red Halloween


Join Count Dracula in cheers with a glass of Fat Bastard Bloody Red Halloween ($35, It pours into a cherry red, and drinks juicy with a touch of spice. A couple glasses in, you and your guests may very well see the mountainous borders of Transylvania.

Prosecco DOC Frizzante

Prosecco Frizzante

Drama finds itself in an unlikely location. The sleek shelves of Marks & Spencer has been playing host to the Prosecco DOC Frizzante ($31.90). One sip and you’ll find yourself masquerading through the night. Light with a wonderful crispness filled with zesty lemon, it is the perfect tipple to start off the night of festivities with.