Beerfest Asia is back with its ninth edition and over 100 new brews.

Beerfest Asia returns this weekend (17-20 Aug), bigger and better. As always, it is the event for beer lovers and fun nights of upbeat music, with a line-up of more than 30 performances to keep you entertained. Enjoy a cold pint of beer while raving with some of the top DJs.

There will also be over 100 new beers making their debut at the festival, including several from local brewery Archipelago, which uses fresh ingredients and funky names such as Ki Siao Brown Ale and Sibeh Ho Witbier. The offerings are pretty overwhelming, so here are a few highlights to get you started. (P.S. All prices are only valid during BeerFest.)

Lamzing Sticky Mango

Produced in Thailand with an alcohol percentage of 4.8%, Lamzing Sticky Mango ($10) boasts a faint coconutty flavour mixed with a tinge of sweetness. It is not overly sweet nor overpowering as the combination is perfectly balanced and pairs nicely with Easyeggs by Jar’s mentaiko quail eggs. The savoury dish complements the sweet beer. For anyone that likes it sweet, this is the beer for you to try.

Tiger Black

The good ole classic. Making its appearance again this year, Tiger Black ($9) continues to boast a rich flavoured dark brew. With an alcohol percentage of 5.5% and made from a type of raw black rice from the fields of Asia, it is perfect for anyone that likes their beers dark. It doesn’t feel heavy and goes down smoothly. It pairs well with Shiso’s wagyu beef balls and teriyaki chicken skewers, the contrasting teriyaki sweetness and bitterness of the beer serving to enhance each other.

Ah Kah Ji Craft Lager

Made by Singapore’s very own Archipelago Brewery, this particular brew ($8) with an alcohol percentage of 4% has a special meaning. As Ah Kah Ji basically means best buds for life, this beer brings out the distinct malty flavour with a hint of sweetness. What better way to support locals then drinking locally curated beers during Beerfest Asia. Down this pint to get the night started.

1906 Estrella Reserva Especial

Originating from Spain with an alcohol percentage of 6.5%, this beautiful dark amber beer ($12) features a deep and toasty flavour. Made from specially selected malts of aromatic Perle Hallertau variety, it builds a good balance of sweet aroma and slight bitterness. Retaining its creaminess, it surprisingly pairs well with one of our local salted egg yolk chip brands, The Golden Duck. Savoury chips mixed with a bittersweet beer—the only way to get the party going.

Stark Lychee Ale

We’ve saved the best for last. Stark Lychee Ale ($12) has an alcohol percentage of 5% and not only does it have a sweet fragrance, it offers a sweet refreshing taste with every sip. Strong hints of lychee balance a fruity ale alongside a tangy sweet flavour. It pairs perfectly with Creamier’s raspberry and rose yogurt. Pairing it together as a float, the sweet flowery ice creams sweetens the pint, even more making it flavourful.

With all these drinks, you would definitely want some food. Beerfest has collaborated with many restaurants such as Handle Bar, Kontiki and Shiso. You can find ticket prices and more information here.