Join us on our walking tour of Jurong Fishery Port as we take in the many sights, sounds and smells of the buzzing wet market.

We reach the gates of Jurong Fishery Port and are immediately greeted with the briny smell of the sea. Exchanged our ICs for access passes through the metal gantry. Don’t forget slip-proof shoes as the grounds of the market are slippery!

Before entering the market, we caught a glimpse of the traditional ice makers, from whom the fish merchants buy their crushed ice from.

Customers including hawkers come as early as 11pm, though the market really comes to life around 1.30am and hits its peak at 3am.

We see workers sorting through the daily regional catch, such as sting rays, pomfret, batang (Spanish mackerel) and baby sharks.

Our knowledgeable guide from Hai Sia Seafood, Melvin, explains how to identify a fresh fish and how these fishes are priced according to their size.

Stall owners at wooden high desks, manually recording their ledgers and having a bird’s eye view of all that is going on. It’s a challenge to attract the younger generation to take over in this laborious blue collar industry.

Baskets line the stalls with pre-orders from buyers. If the handles are tucked in, it means the basket has been sold. All transactions in the market are dealt with in cash, so leave your credit cards at home! Be prepared to buy in bulk at most stalls.

Watch out for heavy traffic along the walkways! Workers are buzzing to and fro with large baskets of fish on their trolleys.

Weighing in the goods on old industrial scales.

Hai Sia Seafood conducts free walking tours every last Saturday of the month, 1.30am. Contact them at