Creative Eateries’ is back with Typhoon Cafe, a Taiwanese cafe inspired by the lip-smacking goodies at night markets and trendy cafes.

Dining is fundamental to Taiwanese culture. Locals and tourist alike can’t seem to get enough of the bounteous spread from popular night markets like Shilin, trendy cafes to decades-old hole-in-the-wall eateries. Rather than have us crisscross the whole of Taiwan, Typhoon Cafe brings to us the highlights of their cuisine to a cheery corner of Plaza Singapura. Expect upgraded classics of mee sua or lu rou fan alongside common street snacks, refined and presented in unison with the selection of artisanal fruit teas and over-the-top, Insta-worthy desserts. Bubble tea is included, of course.

Typhoon Cafe

Signature Taiwanese Oyster Mee Sua with Crispy Oyster Fritter & Fried Pork Intestine ($14.90)

The crown jewel of any Taiwanese eatery is a comforting bowl of mee sua. The Signature Taiwanese Oyster Mee Sua ($14.90) is not just your usual sloppy bowl of noodles. It features a flavourful, umami-laden broth clinging onto every slurp of noodles, improved further with a splash of their homemade chilli sauce. Sour, with a bit of fire, it cuts through the starchy dish. The noodles also come with a side of crispy pork intestines and oyster fritters, giving diners a glimpse of how Typhoon Cafe is turning a plain, simple dish into something worth fawning over.

Typhoon Cafe

Char Siew Glazed Nagano Baby Pork Ribs ($18.90)

The same goes for their Pan-seared Bee Hoon Pancake ($12.90), which comes nicely charred and topped with glistening slabs of stewed pork belly and a braised egg, or their take on the char siew noodles in the stout-braised Char Siew Glazed Nagano Baby Pork Rib ($15.90).

Typhoon Cafe

Crispy Pork Intestine ($13.90)

To go along with these delectable mains are an array of xiao chi (small eats). To our delight, dishes commonly seen at the bustling night markets have made their way onto the menu. Expect the usual suspects of cha ye dan or smelly tofu, but with a Typhoon twist. The former is transformed into the Tea Smoked Egg ($7.90), where a beautifully browned egg stands upon a mountain of kombu and earwood fungus. We can’t get enough of the Crispy Pork Intestine ($13.90), fried lightly to achieve an addictive fatty crunch, as well as the seemingly endless serving of oysters in the Oyster Omelette ($10.90).

Typhoon Cafe

Hell Valley Volcano ($14.90) – the melted chocolate shell reveals the sweet treats within.

Typhoon Cafe

Cloud Nine ($14.90)

Desserts here are in a class of their own. Taking inspiration from the word ‘typhoon’, they have created a series of treats based on wills of nature. The eye-catching Hell Valley Volcano ($14.90) is a miniature volcano fashioned out of chocolate and jam that is perfect for Instagram Stories. Liquid nitrogen and a hot chocolate sauce are added in tandem for a dramatic crackling effect, revealing the indulgent trio of oreo crumble, blondie and vanilla ice cream within. However, our vote goes to the intricate Cloud Nine ($14.90). It gets its’ name from its fluffy, cloud-like texture, but it is the unique sweet yet savoury white miso flavour that has us hooked.

#04-67, Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road. Tel: 6884 5423