Head to Downtown Gallery for blazing hot soup curries from Sapporo, rich aromatic coffees, Viet grub, ramen and sweet pastries.

CBD dwellers will now have more dining options for lunch, thanks to the newly-opened OUE Downtown Gallery at Shenton Way. Teeming with restaurants and take-away stalls, the futuristic shopping mall is also perfect for that power breakfast after your morning gym routine or fuss-free dinner date. Aside from its myriad food choices, the building is also packed with retail stores, and studios offering yoga and dance.

Level 1

6 Oz Espresso Bar (#01-18 & 27)
Be greeted by the aromatic fragrance of rich coffee whiffing through the air as the step into the mall. Located on the first floor, 6 Oz Espresso Bar offers a wide range of coffees, teas and local favourites to choose from like the regular espresso ($3.50), their speciality brew, Cascara Spritz ($6.50) orhot chocolate ($5.50) for those cold rainy days to warm our bellies. Aside from coffee, they also serve decadent mains as well like bacon & egg roll burger ($7.90), 3X grilled cheese sandwich ($6.90) and a tasty beef pie ($6.90).

Express by Chatterbox (#01-04)
The little sibling of Chatterbox Restaurant at Mandarin Orchard Hotel, Express by Chatterbox brings their famous chicken rice ($8) to the CBD. The restaurant presents a modern yet casual setting, and is great for a power lunch meeting with your clients. There are many more local choices too, including laksa ($8) and homemade char siew rice ($8). Tel: 6220 0758

Patisserie G (#01-30/34)
Wind down after a long day at Patisserie G. Boasting a homely yet cosy ambience, the cafe serves up a wide array of pastries and sweets, from cute Pokeball shaped cakes, namely PG Dome ($9), to classic strawberry shortcakes ($7.50). Planning a last minute birthday surprise in the office? They also provide whole cakes for sale or pre-order as well. Tel: 6338 7578

Saybons (#01-24)
Look forward to a huge range of French dishes at this cosy French deli, with their all-day breakfast, salads, risottos and soups. Start your day right with their L’Omelette ($8.90) served with baked beans, two toasts, a huge omelette and a side of greens. Those seeking to stay healthy can build their own salad ($9.50), where they can choose a choice of one salad base, three toppings, one meat and one sauce.

VENUE by Sebastian (#01-02)
Venue by Sebastian highlights modern European cuisine, and is run by head chef and owner Sebastian Ng, who aims to present European Asian fusion dishes that would not only appeal to locals but foreigners as well. Indulge in the chilled Romanesco ($12), an appetiser with almonds and lemon vinaigrette. Their smoked salmon ($18) one of the best-sellers, tender and moist, comes with sides of green beans on top with mustard vinaigrette and sorrel emulsion that’s bound to leave your tummies satisfied.  Tel: 6904 9688

Level 2

Chen’s Mapo Tofu (#02-29)
Love your spice? Then Chen’s Mapo Tofu will hit all your buttons with their traditional Chengdu classics. Hot and spicy, just the way Szechuan-ers likes it, they offer a wide selection on their menu such as Mapo Don ($8.80), Dan Dan Mien ($8.80) with chewy noodles and a generous helping of gravy alongside sides like Szechuan dumplings ($4) and braised pork belly bun ($3), filled handsomely with tender pork bellies with chives. Tel: 6221 3206

Pho Stop (#02-28)
Much-loved Pho Stop, ex-Tanjong Pagar, moves to Downtown Gallery and we can breathe a sigh of relief now. Their Hanoi chicken ($10) filled with thin rice noodles, bean sprouts, sliced chicken pieces served with warm chicken broth provides one of the best remedies for a cold rainy day. Another crowd-pleaser is their deep-fried spring rolls ($6.40/4pcs), which is Vietnamese rice paper filled with minced pork and yam. They also serve vegetarian dishes such as vegetarian pho and deep-fried vegetarian spring rolls ($6.40/6pcs). Tel: 6534 8178

RE:Store (#02-14/#03-11) [Opening in July]
No service staff, no queue, no time wasted. This auto-deli concept allows you to order dishes via your smartphone and have them collected from food lockers located in the mall at your desired time. Expect quality street food such as beef rendang and laksa mee tai mak with yong tau foo whipped up by notable chefs in Asia; chef Wongso from Indonesia, chef Sau del Rosario from Philippines, local chef Malcolm Lee and street food expert KF Seetoh.

Level 3

Smooy (#03-28)

Opened close by to SAMA Curry & Café, Smooy from Spain presents their low fat, high in fiber and gluten free frozen yogurt ($4.50 mini + one topping, $5.50 classic + two toppings, $6.50 maxi + three toppings), freezers ($3.90 mini, $4.90 maxi), and smoothies (5.90). Our favourite has to be the twisters (5.90) in five different combinations. Their kids twisters combination captured our attention, filled with ivory smooy base, strawberry slush, lentis chocolate and colour mix.

Marutama Ra-Men (#03-25)
Marutama Ra-Men features simple yet classic range of ramens and side dishes like gyoza ($5) a classic crowd-pleaser, char siu gohan ($5) a satisfying and filling bowl of fragrant Japanese rice on top with vegetables and cha siews. Their Marutame Ra-men ($12) is a best-seller; a non-spicy chicken broth filled with chewy noodles with a side of seaweed and char siew slices. Our favourite is their tan-men ($13), a rich chicken broth, chewy, elastic noodles with an abundance of vegetable toppings with a choice of it being spicy or non-spicy.

SAMA Curry & Café (#03-26)
Now you don’t have to travel all the way to Sapporo to enjoy a good bowl of authentic Japanese piping hot soup curry. Have fun in mixing and matching your bowl—choose from three different spice levels, four different soup bases and eight courses. If you like it hot, challenge yourself with the Marathon chicken ($14.90) showcasing the Japanese soup base with the highest spice level of 30—Crazy Bear.  Read our full review here.


OUE Downtown Gallery is at 6A Shenton Way.