Tai Seng folks, rejoice! Michelin-starred offerings, great places to grab an after work drink, groceries and healthy lunch options, right on your doorsteps.

Whether you’re working in the area or scouting out factory sales, Tai Seng’s food offerings have been rather slim… till now! The industrial area’s newest establishment, 18 Tai Seng boasts Michelin-star offerings, great places to grab an after-work drink, groceries and healthy lunch options, right at your fingertips. Best of all, the MRT underpass to the mall is also expected to be ready by June 2017!

Michelin-starred restaurants

Tim Ho Wan (#01-36/39)

Get your dim sum fix at this Michelin-starred restaurant with favourites like their BBQ Pork Buns ($5.30). With many other outlets across the island, you don’t have to look far to satisfy your cravings. Tel: 6249 2000


While the original Tsuta outlet at Pacific Plaza still continues to command queues, there’s now a second outlet at Tai Seng. The specialty here is miso soba (from $16), which is exclusive to this outlet, and uses the same miso formulation as the Michelin-starred outlet in Japan. The noodles are also slightly thicker in order to cling bettter to the buttery, earthy broth, made from a red miso paste and chicken bone base. The bowl is then topped off with porcini mushroom oil, bean sprouts and watercress, alongside sweet pan-fried corn kernels, Japanese char siu, and a dollop of hot sauce. Limited to 250 bowls a day.

Hawker Chan (#01-02)

In July 2016, chef Chan Hon Meng won the plaudits of the Michelin Guide Singapore with his signature local delights: soya sauce chicken rice and noodles. The highly acclaimed dishes have now come to Tai Seng under the outlet named, Hawker Chan.

The soya-sauce-glazed skin is perfectly smooth, while the meat is tender and juicy, and pairs impeccably with rice or noodles ($3.80). Look out for the other assortment of meats such as the char siew and roast pork as well. Prices here are affordable for a quick lunch, with the roasted pork rice going for $4.50 and char siew rice for $4.00.

Other delicious offerings

Green Croft (#01-K2)

Looking for a healthy option for lunch? Grab yourself a salad bowl at Green Croft with the toppings of your choice, starting from $7.50. Options include a protein choice of sous vide chicken breast and grilled beef among others, and a choice of carbs like cous cous, followed by an array of toppings to choose from and a dressing choice. Diners can also opt for a healthy wrap ($7.90) and specials like the Sambal Crabmeat Pasta ($10.90). Lazy to head out of the office? Green Croft also offers free delivery. Tel: 6385 0508

Jalan Kayu Prata (#01-29)

Serving up the best of Indian cuisine, Jalan Kayu Prata is now dishing up plates of hearty chicken biryani ($6.80) and many different types of prata, murtabak and dosa. Popular favourites include their mutton curry ($5.10) and chicken roti john ($5.70). Come down for a cuppa teh tarik ($1.90) during your tea break!

Harry’s Bar (#01-K4/23-25)

A great place to get your after-work drinks, head on down to Harry’s for a hearty meal and exciting concoctions. Don’t miss out on viewing your favourite sports while enjoying the Curried Mayo Pork Bites ($17.90) tossed with curry spices and served with curried mayonnaise and share a platter of The Harry’s Seven ($36.90), featuring seven of their signature small bites. Their classic cocktails arenow made with refreshed recipes for an extra kick, such as Eye Candy and Harry’s Old-Fashioned ($16 each). Tel: 6386 9064

Nomvnom (#B1-02)

One of the most popular vegan fast food joints, Nomvnom has opened in the basement of 18 Tai Seng. We are fans of the QQ Cheesy Burger (8.90), featuring a fried patty made of mushroom stem, topped with vegan cashew ‘cheese’ and coral lettuce. Don’t miss their sweet dairy free cinnamon cocoa ($4.90) as well! Tel: 6224 4996