Heritage food such as Peranakan cuisine is all the craze in Singapore, but have you ever had a lavender sugee cupcake? The BiTES team tried one during popular homegrown brand The Marmalade Pantry’s new menu launch at Oasia Hotel Downtown. Just one of seven of their new cupcakes, the lavender sugee brings a sweet whiff of nostalgia as it combines the well-loved Eurasian sugee cake with fluffy lavender frosting and a creamy lemon curd filling that had us craving more.

Marmalade Pantry plays tribute to the iconic Eurasian sugee cake with their Lavender Sugee cupcake.

Other new additions include the Hazel – a chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream filling, hazelnut spread and hazelnuts – perfect for Nutella fans, the Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake – a crunchy biscuit base for this mini cheesecake with a raspberry coulis filling, the Salted Caramel Pecan Tart – gooey salted caramel filling inside a chocolate cupcake topped with toffee buttercream – perfect for autumn (not that that exists in Singapore).

Classics like the Red Velvet and Limonata see a revamp, with the former now filled with a luxurious hazel spread and topped off with decadent cream cheese frosting, and the Limonata filled with a cream cheese centre with lemon icing, candied rosemary and a slice of dehydrated on top. Tangy and tasty, the Limonata was another favourite of ours. The Mudslide cupcake was a guilty pleasure – a generous helping orange marmalade inside the chocolate cupcake, with hazelnut feuilletine, vanilla and chocolate buttercream finishing this indulgent dessert off.

It’s a chocolate overload with the Mudslide cupcake, but that marmalade centre is oh so sinful.

Before you start counting the calories, there is a silver lining to all this eating – the #GoodThingsToEat Promotion.

On 1 November 2017, The Marmalade Pantry will be releasing 7 new food items and 7 cupcake flavours.

Customers will get to try out new cupcake flavours along the way before receiving the final prize – a $50* voucher, once they have tasted all 7 items!

To participate:

  1. Dine at any of the three The Marmalade Pantry outlets and try out all the seven new food dishes
  2. You will be given a #GoodThingsToEat card to collect stickers for every new food item purchased
  3. Customers can redeem a free new cupcake after the 2nd and 5th purchase of the new food dishes
  4. Upon trying out all the new seven food items with in seven weeks (applicable between 1 November 2017 and 17 December 2017 only), customers will receive a $50 voucher for next purchase.

*Terms & conditions apply – visit their website here

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