JCUBE (2 Jurong East Central 1)

Eat at Taipei (#03-03)
A few eateries fringe JCube’s 60m by 30m Olympic-size ice skating rink, but this Taiwanese street food chain offers the best views. Snack on Tainan Coffin Toast ($9.90), Shilin Night Market fried fresh milk ($5.90), and Keelung braised mee sua with pork knuckles ($9.90) as you watch wipe-outs or graceful twirls on ice. The spacious eatery also offers bento boxes (from $13.90), set meals like San Bei chicken with basil ($17.90) and cold delights like aiyu ice jelly ($5.90). If the expanse of ice gets too chilly to bear, thaw out with a steaming bowl of Jiu Fen taro balls ($4.50), Taiwanese milk tea ($3) or a nourishing Taichung Night Market ginger duck soup ($5.90). Daily 12nn-10pm. Tel: 6684 3032

Neoprint Machines (Level 4)
Before the advent of the selfie, 1990s teens used to make a beeline for these photo-sticker booths. It might feel cheesy, with pre-recorded schoolgirl voices yammering instructions in Japanese, but just do it, for old time’s sake. Daily 10am-10pm

SV Guitars (#04-04)
If you’ve no smooth moves to let loose on ice, cultivate your musical talent with a myriad of six-stringed wooden bodies or pick up some pedals that’ll make your guitar warble. Yes, they’re the same folks from Peninsula Shopping Centre who carry brands like Gibson, Ibanez, EST Guitars, Bare Knuckle and JHS. Daily 11.30am-9.30pm. Tel: 6684 5310

Skatesports (#03-13)
Tired of the queues to The Rink’s skates loan counter? If you go often enough, you might want to consider getting your own gear. SkateSports stocks brands like BAUER and Jackson; and for the uniced kind, Mission, MCP and Micro, and skateboards from Penny and Karnage. Kit out here, then return for their maintenance services, as they’re conveniently located near the rink. Daily 10am-10pm. Tel: 6684 4096


WESTGATE MALL (3 Gateway Drive)

Westgate Wonderland (Level 4)
Designed by the same folks behind Universal Studios Singapore’s Revenge of The Mummy roller-coaster ride, what’s heart-stopping about this fantasy garden is not its huge treehouse, but the snaking queues. Weather permitting, everyone’s allowed into this popular 11,000-sq-ft outdoor playground, but children must be accompanied by an adult. Daily 10am-10pm.

SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro powered by Samsung (#03-01)
Yes, this fusion bistro is the tech giant’s foray into food. Serving Korean-Western fare, it comes equipped with an al fresco bar and a gadget experience corner for the whole family. Samsung fans, this eatery is part of a 6,027-square-foot standalone triplex store–the biggest and a first in Singapore. Sun-Thu 11am-11pm; Fri-Sat 11am-12mn. Tel: 6369 9913

Isetan Supermarket (#B2-01)
The Westgate branch of this Japanese supermarket is really spacious–a boon for shoppers who attend the many events and fairs held here. You’ll find a lot of produce and brands from Japan, even more so during special events when suppliers are flown in. Sun-Thu 10am-9.30pm; Fri-Sat 10am-10pm. Tel: 6896 7777

Tsukada Nojo (#03-04)
These self-proclaimed Japanese poultry farmers have opened their namesake restaurant in Westgate. Bijin Nabe, or beauty pot, is loaded with collagen from special Jitokko chickens from their farm, 1,000km south from Tokyo. Watch the congealed pudding-like stock melt into a delicious soup before filling the pot with vegetables and meatballs. Daily 10am-10pm. Tel: 6465 9356



Snip Avenue (#01-335, 135 Jurong Gateway Road)
Exit JCube and you’ll enter the beginning of Jurong East Central. From lelong sales like $2 slippers to $1 bread, there’s also a bargain haircut from salon chain Snip Avenue. If the hot weather or your long fringe is bothering you, step in for a $3.80 trim. Mon-Sat 10am-8.30pm; Sun & PH 10am-8pm. Tel: 6569 1600


IMM (2 Jurong East Street 21)

Saboten (#01-19)
Once when there were just deep-fried cutlets, there are now choices of teppanyaki, shabu shabu, mentai and sashimi. We’re talking about Saboten’s IMM menu, which offers 18 new items. Daily 11am-10pm. Tel: 6898 3432

Outlet Stores
With 55 outlet stores in IMM, ranging from brands like Adidas (#01-123), Coach (#01-104/104A), Picket&Rail (#03-26) and The Travel Store (#02-39), it’s time for some serious shopping. Make use of the free shuttle buses back to the MRT area.

7″ Square Pizza (#01-K07)
The mathematical name caught our attention initially, but what’s charming about this food kiosk is its modest beginnings in Ju Seng Huat Coffeeshop at 6 St George’s Road. You won’t find it at other malls, but chances are, NTU or SMU undergrads might know about its other outlets. Daily 11am-9pm

Three Hours of Free Parking
This is why IMM’s carpark is always full. If you manage to snag a spot, three hours is enough for a round of retail therapy, a hearty meal and a spot of grocery shopping. After your daily allotment of free entry or after the magic number of three, charges of $1.07 per hour and 30 cents per 15 minutes kick in.


JEM (50 Jurong Gateway Road)

Jem App
With all the international brands like Muji, Sephora, Apple via EpiCentre, Shu Uemura and Victoria’s Secret, you might need this app’s useful in-mall navigation function. We’re also quite floored by its ability to remember where you parked (especially after all that shopping), notify you of new deals and help you accumulate loyalty points. It even has an e-Concierge service at your e-beck and call. www.jem.sg/jem-app.php

Cathay Cineplex (#05-04)
Cinephiles flock to the IMAX theatre in JCube, and Cathay Cineplex’s extra-large wall-to-wall cinema screen in Jem. There’s Dolby Atmos sound technology and Ultima couple seats–and kudos to recyclable ticket stubs and food containers. Tel: 6337 8181

The Soup Spoon (#02-05)
For a soup-focused meal that’s fulfilling and wholesome, come by for staples like velvety mushroom stroganoff, roasted pumpkin and meatless minestrone. Regulars will also be aware of their seasonal chef specials. Health buffs will appreciate the nutritional information on display, including gluten-free and vegetarian options. Sun-Thu 10.30am-10pm; Fri-Sat, PH 10.30am-10.30pm. Tel: 6694 2114

Zero2Six (#04-47)
Stop over if you have tiny tots who love to get their hands on (or sink their teeth into) anything. The mum-owner believes that children between 0-6 years old should play with only quality toys which are safe, educational, innovative and environmentally friendly. Daily 10am-10pm. Tel: 6339 0877

Did You Know?

The Jurong Regional Library (21 Jurong East Central 1) is the largest public library in Singapore. Launched in 1988, it was expanded in 2004 to four storeys and a total floor space of 12,020sqm. It has a unique teens library, created and run by teenagers with a collection appealing to teens, cool music and even a graffiti wall.