Seafood galore within the cosy enclave of Serangoon Gardens.

Serangoon may be famous for Chomp Chomp Food Centre and the (last) KL Traditional Chilli Ban Mian store, but Eight Signatures Seafood Restaurant is turning heads with its lip-smacking tze char dishes and massive seafood platters. Chef and owner, Ah Le, named the restaurant after his eight signature dishes. Each has its own story of conception and carries Ah Le’s aim to create a homely yet affordable dining experience for all – colleagues, friends or families.

Eight treasures

Eight Signatures Seafood Platter (from $158 for 4-6 persons)

The pièce de résistance is the mammoth Eight Signatures Seafood Platter (from $158 for 4-6 persons). Coming in three flavours; original, ma la (three levels) and Tom Yum, it features an appetising array of crayfish, prawns, scallops, clams, crabs, gong gong (sea snails) and octopuses. Best of all, the platter can be split into two sides, allowing diners to enjoy two flavours at one go. We recommend savouring the sweet, succulent seafood with the original soy garlic on one side, and upping the ante with the numbing spice of szechuan peppercorns on the other.

eight treasures

Happy Fried Fish ($38)

There’s also a crowd-pleasing Fried Homemade Tofu with Abalone Sauce ($16) and Happy Fried Fish ($38), an addictively crisp fish covered in aromatic garlic chunks, but we could not get enough of the Signature Truffle Chicken ($16) (fried/steam). The latter came about when Ah Le’s wife was down with morning sickness and could not stomach anything – except this. He has since refined the dish and meticulously marinades the chicken with black truffle before steaming or frying.

Senior Citizen card holders can enjoy a whooping 10% off their total bill every Tuesday. 

87 Serangoon Garden Way. Tel: 6282 3996