Join us as we take you on a gastronomical trip to Bedok, exploring great brunch cafes, to heartland eateries.

Home to fishing villages and coconut plantations in the past, Bedok got its name from the small fishing boats called Biduk and has its ancient roots noted on a 1604 map of Singapore. Fast forward to today, and it’s now home to malls and cool cafes.

Bedok Reservoir

Bedok Reservoir Park is popular among joggers and water sport enthusiasts, with a fishing spot for those who wish to try their luck. A converted sand quarry, the park surrounds the 88-hectare reservoir, making it a great place for water activities. The park is also a sanctuary for nature lovers who can look out for various species of birds around the area.

REFUEL CAFÉ (#01-3029, 744 Bedok Reservoir Road)

Brunch is a delightful affair at Refuel Café. Tuck into the fluffy pancake stack ($8.50), served with ice cream and homemade sea salt caramel sauce and the Fuel Me Up ($10.90)—baked eggs with meatballs, bacon, cheese and tomatoes. We also loved their creamy shrimps and mussels ($13.90)—pasta with shrimps and mussels, tossed in a lemongrass-infused tom yum cream sauce. Tel: 6448 0015

BURP (#01-3165, 740 Bedok Reservoir Road)

Burp is a great spot for grabbing a drink and a meal by the reservoir. They have a good selection of beers as well as bar grub, quesadillas and tacos. Come by for brunch and have yourself a sloppy Joe ($14)—white bread with beef chilli, jalapenos, smothered with cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Tel: 8428 4722

WAWAWA BISTRO (901 Bedok Reservoir Road)

Relax by the gentle waters edge of Bedok Reservoir at Wawawa Bistro. Serving up pizzas and western fare at night, this is also a great place for brunch after your morning run. Prices are reasonable for its location; try the Wawawa English breakfast ($15.80)—scrambled eggs, hash brown, sautéed wild mushrooms, shallot marmalade, grilled bacon, sausage served with toasted brioche bread. Tel: 6285 8038

Bedok Central

Bedok Central has come a long way since its fishing village days and we’ve seen new malls and eateries sprouting all over the area, from fusion hawker fare to artisan ice creams.

FAT CAT (#01-25, 416 Bedok North Avenue 2)

This popular dessert spot is known for its interesting array of ice cream flavours and waffles, but they have recently branched out to include more instagrammable offerings. We tried their sea salt matcha piñata milkshake ($10), which features sea salt matcha ice cream filled sphere of white chocolate atop brandy snap, broken into the azuki milk base with a straw, just like a piñata. Pretty to look at, and tasted great as well. Tel: 6241 0830

PLUM & RICE (#01-45, 216 Marketplace)

Nestled in the heart of 216 Marketplace, Plum & Rice caught our attention with its wooden signage board and minimalist logo. The food is a fusion of Japanese and local fare, with side dishes and soups changing seasonally. We loved their signature pork belly set ($4) that came with Japanese Umeboshi- furikake rice. The meat was soft and tender and paired well with the tart, savoury rice.

ARNOLD’S (215 Bedok North Street 1)

East-siders rejoice as the famous halal-certified Arnold’s chicken will be making its way to Bedok Central in June 2017. Savour juicy pieces of fried chicken and creamy mashed potato, accompanied by coleslaw and freshly cut fries. Combo meals start at $7.10 for half a spring chicken.

Bedok Mall

TALAD THAI (#01-78)

Get your fix of Thai street food here at Talad Thai. The place is decked out in metal tables and chairs, old school plastic and aluminium tableware for an authentic Thai experience. We were most impressed by their stewed beef noodles ($9.80) and fragrant green curry stewed beef with rice ($9), not forgetting toast with pandan sang kaya dip ($3.80). Tel: 6386 1592


Catching on to the night market trend of rolled ice creams, KL-franchise Monzeter recently opened shop. Take your pick of the many mix-ins and fruits and watch them ‘fry’ up your frozen concoction on the icy pan. Try their signature vanilla ($6.90) featuring kinder bueno, nutella and coco crunch mix-ins.

Bedok North

Home to the famous 85 Fengshan Centre, most people flock here for the bak chor mee and sambal stingray. However, there are more hidden gems that we found in this area to satisfy every kind of craving.

LYNDA ANN’S (#01-98, 122 Bedok North Street 2)

We had their Rainbow cake slice ($6) which wowed us with its soft, airy texture, paired with light butter cream, as well as their carrot cake slice ($6) which was not too sweet and went well with the cream cheese topping. Don’t miss their sea salt chocolate chunk cookies ($4.50) which had the perfect balance of cocoa and saltiness. Tel: 9679 2041

LEK LIM NONYA CONFECTIONERY (#01-21, 84 Bedok North Street 4)

This traditional Nyonya confectionery has been here since 1979, and sticks to the old school way of making kuehs daily. Popular picks include the ang ku kueh ($0.55), kueh kapis Nyonya ($1.40) and kueh salat ($1.40). The ang ku kueh is generously filled with a smooth mung bean paste, and the famous soon kuehs ($0.55) are also handmade every afternoon with the radish filling encased in a smooth, translucent skin. Tel: 6449 0815

MISTER COFFEE (#01-93, 89 Bedok North Street 4)

A coffee trading company from Muar, Mister Coffee has been supplying coffee to major supermarkets as well as smaller coffee shops in Singapore for the past few years and decided to open a wholesale retail shop in Bedok. Get fresh coffee beans roasted to your liking at this quaint shop, with prices starting at $2.69 per 100g for Liberica beans and $4.19 for Colombian beans. You can also get coffee sachets and 3 in 1 instant coffee packets, or even get your coffee right in the shop. Tel: 8615 2772

SWATOW WONTON MEE (#01-50, 85 Fengshan Centre)

Started since 1970, Swatow Wonton Mee is known for their wonton mee ($3), tossed in dark soy sauce and topped with generous slices of sweet char siew and delicious umami-filled wontons. The laksa ($3) also came highly recommended by the stall auntie and regulars alike. #01-50 Bedok 85 Market, 85 Bedok North Street 4.

Bedok Road

The selection of Halal eateries in this area is definitely one of its highlights. Many would be familiar with supper hotspot Spize, but with the opening of East Village, the options are endless with the plethora of new cafes and restaurants.


Enjoy the old school charm of Bedok Market Place’s vintage décor and nifty kampong interior, while enjoying modern hawker fare. The stalls are decorated like old shophouses and the wide, breezy space makes it a great place to enjoy a meal al fresco.

BURNING OAK (#02-16)

Lovers of Wagyu beef will not have to look far to satisfy their cravings. The Burning Oak serves up delicious Wagyu donburi bowls at affordable prices. Try the foie gras and Wagyu rump bowl ($20), served on fluffy Japanese rice, onsen egg and pickles. The pork cheek bowl ($12) contains 12 hour slow-cooked pork cheek which is juicy, rich and has the perfect amount of caramelisation. Tel: 9873 6093


Newly opened in 2017, Mike’s promises all of the spice and everything nice for your belly. Brace yourself for the Jerk chicken ($10), marinated in traditional Jamaican herbs and spices, with a touch of scotch bonnet pepper to turn up the heat, served with a side of rice and peas. Don’t miss out on the curry goat ($8), a Caribbean celebration staple, this slow-cooked curry is served with rice and peas. Facebook: Mike’s Caribbean Food

TANG TEA HOUSE (357 Bedok Road)

A great place for a late night dimsum, this halal-certified tea house serves a wide menu of authentic Chinese delicacies from liu sha bao ($4.50/3pcs) and mango sesame prawn ($6.40/3pcs) to their signature pan-fried crispy beehoon ($11). You’ll feel right at home with the kampung atmosphere. Tel: 6445 9100

CASH STUDIO (347 Bedok Road)

Sing your heart out with your friends and loved ones at this family-friendly karaoke box (estimated $30/3hours). You can find the latest chart topping hits, a wide selection of Japanese pop and even Bollywood tunes at this entertainment joint. Tel: 6244 4164

EAST VILLAGE (430 Upper Changi Road)

Surrounded by popular supper spots along Bedok Road, East Village has brought a new charm to the area with its many eateries, offering a delicious range of Halal cuisines.

OORIGINAL (#01-14)

Ooriginal’s bringing JB’s overdose trend to Singapore, simply select your drink of choice and have your drink served up in a giant ziplock bag ($5 each). Great for quenching that thirst on a hot day, popular picks are the virgin mojitos, soda Gembira, and their best-selling Chocodose and Greendose–a milk-based green tea drink. Tel: 9651 0303

WATSUB (#01-12)

Brace yourself for a plethora of meaty sandwich offerings at Watsub. Each sandwich is generously filled with a choices like baked meatballs ($8.50) and pulled beef ($8.50) in a homemade bun, topped with vegetables, cheese and your pick from their variety of homemade sauces. We recommend their smoked chipotle sauce! Tel: 8130 2323