This new fusion restaurant is a hidden gem.

Finding good (and affordable) uni in Singapore is like looking for a needle in a haystack. However the opening of the UNI Gallery by Ooster Bay is about to rock your uni-loving world with their many sea urchin delights. Located in The Plaza near Nicoll Highway MRT, this new fusion restaurant is a hidden gem that provides premium uni flown in four times a week from Japan, the U.S and Canada.

We had the opportunity to try a few of their dishes before the official opening on Saturday the 11th of November and we left impressed. We started off with their signature dish, the colourful Uni Bomb ($99) that comes with a shot of either sake or gin. Three types of Japanese uni were served with a different condiment that was tailored to fit each taste: uni with a crunchy sawagani (mini crab), Aka uni wrapped in Wagyu beef with King Crab inside, and Santo uni on top of Ama Ebi (sweet shrimp). UNI Gallery recommends you start with the sawagani and uni first and end with the Wagyu beef. It was an explosion of umami flavour in our mouth and paired perfectly with the sake.

Next was the Uni Oyster Shot ($25), a highly refreshing dish of creamy Canadian uni on top of a juicy New Zealand oyster with sprinklings of Ikura (salmon) roe. With a little lemon added to it, this is one shot we’ll happily order again – with no fear of a hangover.

The uni tempura ($36) was a delightful surprise. The uni was wrapped in Nobashi ebi (prawns) and seaweed and fried in tempura batter, accompanied by a slightly spicy sauce that gave the dish an extra kick.

A popular dinner dish, the Uni Tokusen Sashimi ($38 for 1 person) had fat pieces of Ootoro (tuna belly), Akami (tuna), Shima Aji (horse mackerel), Tai (sea bream), Salmon, Hirame (Japanese halibut) and of course, Japanese uni. While the tasting portion only had two pieces of uni, the actual serving size will have six pieces of creamy uni goodness.

Sing the song of the sea with the Uni Chiraishi Don bowl at UNI Gallery.

If it’s value for money you’re looking for, the Uni Chirashi set ($28.90) sees a large bowl of rice covered generously with fresh, silky uni (60 grams), with sliced ginger, seaweed, furikake and tamago. Perfect for lunch or dinner, we can see why this is a winner with the office crowd.

On an even tighter budget? Get the Uni Ikura Chiraishi Set ($19.90) – an equally big portion of sea urchin and salmon roe on rice.

Craving a sushi roll? Order the Uni Maki ($33), seven large pieces of uni, Tobiko (prawn) roe, tamago, snow crab and cucumber filled sushi. While this wasn’t our favourite due to the overwhelming mix of flavour, it is a hearty meal for one person.

Too much uni for you to handle? UNI Gallery also serves various sashimi bowls including the Bara Chirashi set ($15.90) with marinated sushi cubes and kinshi tamago or seasonal delicacies such as the ankimo (monkfish liver) or kinmedai (golden eye snapper) sashimi.

Bright and cheery, UNI Gallery is located in the basement of The Plaza building.

Wash it all down with a carefully curated selection of sakes from around Japan, or for a more Western bend – gin and whisky.

#B1-310 The Plaza, 7500A Beach Road. Tel: 9838 8209