Seletar’s newly redeveloped Aerospace Park is your new reason to get out and explore. Easily accessible via buses from Yishun and Sembawang, five dining concepts range from traditional Teochew to fresh-out-of-the garden pickings. This may just be Singapore’s best kept secret of the north.

If you’re looking for an adventure right at your doorstep, the recently redeveloped Seletar Aerospace Park (SAP) is the place for you. Next to Seletar Airport, the industrial park is home to jet engine manufacturers and other aviation players, part of a $60 million development plan.

As part of the area’s refurbishments, some of its old colonial houses have reopened as restaurants, including the ones at The Oval@SAP, managed by government agency JTC. Pop by for a breath of fresh air away from the urban city centre and enjoy an alfresco meal at these F&B establishments, from casual to high-end.

Di Wei Teochew

Situated in the space on the compound called The Oval, drop by Di Wei Teochew for a taste of authentic Teochew fare. Feast on their signature Teochew cold crab ($20-35), yam ring($14), and chye poh kway teow ($5) among other traditional dishes. A great place for the family to gather for a meal at an affordable price. 1 The Oval. Tel: 6262 5946

Youngs Bar and Restaurant

Located just across from Di Wei Teochew is Youngs Bar and Restaurant, offering European inspired food and drink. The concept of creating a new social bond over food has seen the restaurant having shared dishes such as their live green mussel pots ($20-36) with a choice between white wine, tomato and blue cheese sauces, as well as their variety of pizzas and bar grub platters. This 130-seater is convivial for grabbing dinner as well as after-work drinks on the weekdays and hanging out with the family for brunch during the weekends. 3 Hyde Park Gate. Tel: 6734 2850

Wheeler’s Estate

Designed as an open communal space, newly opened Wheeler’s Estate has their own compound in Seletar Aerospace Park, consisting of a two storey colonial house as well as a grill house at the back. The restaurant, located at the second floor, serves up an array of modern Australian fare for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Those who are familiar with their other branch, Wheeler’s Yard, can look forward to enjoying a flat white ($5) or a frosty beer ($8) at their café on the first floor, or grab a mat and basket to enjoy your favorite drinks and food right there on the lawn. 2 Park Lane. Tel: 6337 6041

Flower from The Summerhouse

The Summerhouse

This fine-dining outlet is headed by chef de cuisine Florian Ridder. His dishes are inspired mainly by his travels to Cameron Highlands in Malaysia and nature’s finds while exploring the local farms in Singapore. The restaurant adopts a farm-to-table concept, encouraging sustainability in our small local farming industry. Highlights on the menu include Panzanella, eggplant ‘caviar’ served in a local tomato broth ($18) and Flower, an ethereal dessert comprising of guava yoghurt, lychee-coconut mousse, raspberry puree and rose meringue ($15). 3 Park Lane. Tel: 6220 1063


Cakes from Wildseed Cafe; Passionfruit Citronella Cheesecake, Rosemary Lemon Tart and Ginger Flower Banana Loaf.

Wildseed Café

From the same people who brought you The Summerhouse, Wildseed Café is located at the ground floor of the fine dining colonial establishment. The café is cosy and reminiscent of those hipster cafes that one would see overseas. The space is also shared alongside Poppy, a local floral specialist shop, and the lush greenery gives a refreshing touch to the wooden furnishing and industrial concrete floors. Food-wise, they sure know how to serve up a mean sandwich–choices include pulled pork, braised beef brisket or falafel ($15-18). Coming up on their menu is their Hangover pancakes, a fluffy Dutch pancake drenched in maple syrup and topped with grilled corn niblets and knobs of house-churned butter. Desserts are not to be missed at Wildseed too, such as their honey rosemary lemon tart, ginger flower banana loaf, and the blue-tinted pea flower coconut muffin ($6.50 each). 3 Park Lane. Tel: 8608 3340