Before the boom of macarons and rainbow cakes were brightly-coloured candies in all shapes and sizes. The BiTES team takes a stroll down memory lane and re-discovers the 20 sweet treats we used to hide in our pockets.

From left to right: Breath Spray Candy, Haw Flakes, Toothpaste pudding, Paper Mint, Push Pop, Orion Mini Candy in Cola

Paper Mint Candy and Breath Spray Candy
The quickest and (used to be) coolest way to minty, fresh breath.

Haw Flakes
An oldie but a goodie. This sweet yet sour cylindrical stacks of hawthorn slices are colloquially known as shan zha bing, and is still enjoyed by many at this day and age.

Toothpaste pudding
What better way to hide your sugar addiction from your parents than have it disguised as a tube of toothpaste? Available in a variety of fruit flavours, these deceptive tubes were a hit among schoolkids for its packaging.

Push pop
Ever had the dilemma of not being able to finish a lollipop? You could enjoy a Push Pop during breaks and place the plastic cap back on when a teacher walked by.

Orion Mini Candy in Cola
There was a no drinking rule (besides water) in class, but we found solace in this adorable can of melt-in-your-mouth coke tablets.

From left to right: Hiro Choc Cake, Wu Hua, Guo, Ovaltine Tablets, Horlicks Malties, Didi Milk Tabets, MomMom Eyeglass Chocolate, Magic Pops

Hiro Choc Cake
The twinkies of Singapore. A simple yellow sponge in a milk chocolate coating, it was often packed into goodie bags you’d take home from a classmate’s birthday party.

Didi Milk Tablets, Ovaltine Tablets and Horlicks Malties
Another classroom favourite. We all agree that the chocolaty flavour of the Didi Milk Tablets and Ovaltine trumps the Horlicks.

Preserved Limesticks and Ling Mong Lemon Tablets
If you’ve never dozed off during class (liar), chances are you’ve had these sour treats as a pick-me-up.

Wu Hua Guo
Before figs became a fancy addition to our salads, they were sneakily nibbled on during boring lectures.

MomMom Eyeglass Chocolate
Who hasn’t tried to play Batman with these?

Magic Pops
Pop rocks were perhaps the greatest invention of the nineties. We would either eat it on its own or cover our lollipops in them.

Little Bob Dog Candy Sticks, Kinos Ding Dang and Tora Candy, Kitty Boy Fruity Cream Cone, Whistle Sweet

Little Bob Dog Candy Sticks
While these plain sugar sticks didn’t have much going on in terms of flavour, we would have it hanging on the side of our mouths to emulate the cool kids.

Kinos Ding Dang and Tora Candy
The consensus: we wanted the toy more than the candies.

Kitty Boy Fruity Cream Cone
We couldn’t enjoy a Mr Softee in class, but we found a substitute in these DIY treats.

Whistle Sweet
Simply place them on your lips and blow for a resounding whistle.