From sweet to salty, umami to different variations of chocolate, there’s a pocky that’ll suit your taste buds. Also, check out a bonus review of Narita Airport’s Pretz boxed set.

From left: Kyaru Jaga, Choco Banana, Men’s Chocolate, Olive Basil, Uji Matcha, Crystal Salty.

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Karu Jyaga: 3.5/5

Taste test: This salt-flavoured potato snack from Glico comes in a red box with a cute illustrated baked potato in front. The snack is on the salty side, but stays true to its potato taste. It is crunchy and thin, with a hollow centre. Dangerously addictive. $3.50, Cold Storage

Choco Banana: 3/5 [Most value for money]

Taste test: This flavour is popular amongst the kids for its sweet banana chocolate dip. Adults might find it more artificial. The biscuit itself is chocolate flavoured and the thick yellow chocolate coating smells of bananas. Reminds us of the popular banana milk found in Korean convenience stores. $1, Isetan Supermarket. 

Handy Pocky Men’s: 4.5/5

Taste test: The cutest of the lot, the intensely dark chocolate Handy Pocky Men’s stands out with its small packaging box, almost the size of a pack of cards. The chocolate biscuit is thicker and has a thin layer of semi-sweet dark chocolate surrounding it. We liked how rich this chocolate avour is among the others, with the bitterness of the chocolate giving it a little more kick. $3.80, Cold Storage.

Olive Basil: 3/5

Taste test: This olive-basil avoured pocky’s box is tastefully designed with olives and basil leaves, for a look that reminds us of olive groves and the Tuscan sun. The biscuit looks like a baguette and is thicker and denser than the average Pocky stick. Though ecked with bits of seasoning powder, there isn’t much of a basil nor olive taste, it seems like a humbler version of the kind of bread sticks that one would have at an Italian restaurant. $3.30, Isetan Supermarket.

Uji Matcha: 4/5

Taste test: Uji Matcha is the most expensive of the lot, however, it did come with 4 smaller packs of biscuits in one box. The packaging was tasteful with Japanese ribbons adorning its front. The matcha biscuit stick itself is a light shade of green, with the chocolate coating hiding even more of the cookie bits underneath it. The gritty texture is akin to its crunchy almond pocky counterpart. If only the matcha flavour was more intense. $6.60, Cold Storage.

 Adult’s Milk Chocolate: 4/5

Taste test: From the packaging, it looks like any other regular chocolate flavoured pocky. But what sets this apart is the evident crunch of the biscuit itself, which is almost as crisp as a pretzel. It has a nice surprise texture wise and melded nicely with the thin coating of milk chocolate. We are curious about the name though. Why adult’s milk chocolate? $4.30, Isetan Supermarket.

Crystal Salty: 4.5/5 [Editor’s Pick!]

Taste test: We can see why it’s called Crystal Salty. The chocolate coating is dusted with salt crystals. This biscuit has the right balance of sweet and salty, with the salt elevating the chocolate. One box comes with two packets of biscuit sticks. $3.50, Isetan Supermarket.