Putting our stomachs to the test, we taste-tested nine spicy snacks that offer a variety of flavours, spice level and crunchiness.

Pringles Hot & Spicy: 2/5

Packaged in the all-too-familiar Pringles can, the chips are on the sweeter, more savoury side. They are coated lightly with a spicy powder with a rather tangy BBQ aftertaste which we enjoyed. Each crisp is rather thin but earns high marks for crunch factor.

Verdict: Good if you like something that is not as spicy and prefer crunch in your snack. $2.75 (150g), at all major supermarkets.

Walla Walla Spice Spice Baby: 2/5

Beneath the red-hot packaging and adorable lettering is a snack with a very interesting and unique curly shape dusted with specks of red. It has a more limey taste in the beginning but finishes with a gentle kick of spice at the back of your throat. A much healthier choice as the curls aren’t as greasy as most of the other snacks.

Verdict: A great choice for those curious for something novel and healthy. $1.35 (45g), available at Cold Storage and FairPrice Finest.

Jack ’n Jill Potato Crisps Super Spicy: 2.5/5

The Jack ’n Jill tube instantly catches our eye with its glaring flames and “Super Spicy” label. The spice doesn’t hit you until you have your third chip, but the heat lingers and builds up after a couple more. Seasoning powder lightly coats the thick crisps, which have a really good crunch factor.

Verdict: If you like mild heat with a slow build-up, this is your best bet. $2.30 (160g), available at all major supermarkets.

Doritos Spicy Nacho: 3/5

Doritos never goes wrong with their cheesy flavours, but incorporating heat adds an element of surprise. The combination works really well. Even though the cheesy flavour alleviates the heat, the chips have a limey aftertaste that just keeps your hands reaching for more.

Verdict: Could be one of the best Doritos flavours so far. $4.45 (198.4g), available at Cold Storage and FairPrice Finest.

Calbee Grill-a-Corn Hot & Spicy: 3/5

Tasting this will give you a new perspective on corn snacks. The size of the bag is perfect for afternoon snacking without leaving you guilty after finishing the entire packet. Coated heavily with seasoning, the corn puffs take a few bites before the spice comes through but they have an amazing BBQ aftertaste.

Verdict: Not extremely hot, but it’s definitely snack-worthy. $1.70 (80g), available at Giant.

Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Crunchy: 3.5/5

If you’ve heard of Cheetos, you will have heard of their infamous Flamin’ Hot Crunchy Cheetos. Enclosed in a gigantic packet that’s perfect for sharing with friends, this snack looks like Twisties but is heavily coated in a vivid red seasoning. It tastes more limey then spicy but the heat builds up at the back of your throat as you go along.

Verdict: Good party food for guests to share or for a one-pax snacking session. $4.85 (226.8g), available at Cold Storage.

Twisties Chipster Hot & Spicy: 4/5

Although slightly pricier, Chipster doesn’t disappoint with the generous spicy seasoning. It strikes a good balance between the natural sweetness of the potato and the spicy flavouring. The spice only hits you after a few bites and the crisps is thin but holds its shape well.

Verdict: A crispy snack that has a good balance of sweet, sour and spicy. $2.85 (60g), available at FairPrice Finest, Giant and Cold Storage.

Treatz Chilli: 4/5 [Editor’s pick]

Our favourite of the lot, these chips are wrapped in loud packaging that grabs your attention with a slew of adjectives like ’Blazing‘ and ’Fiery‘. The crisps at first have a slightly bitter note with a little heat but the spice builds up fast. The bittersweetness of the potato and the heat from the chilli make a pleasing combination.

Verdict: At a rather low price, this is a good-quality spicy chip. $1.30 (120g), available at all major supermarkets.

Mama Zuma’s Revenge: 4.5/5

This has got to be one of the spiciest chips that we’ve ever tried. It lives up to the packaging, on which a threatening Mama Zuma sports a bandolier loaded with habanero peppers. The first bite sets off an explosion of spice that’s bound to burn your tongue and throat. The chips are thin and generously coated with the fiery seasoning.

Verdict: If you want a challenge to test your tolerance for spice, this is it. $3.60 (170.1g), available at Foodie Market Place.