If you’re travelling from or transiting in Japan’s Narita airport, you won’t regret picking up this boxed set of Pretz biscuit sticks (set of nine for ¥1200/SGD 15).


From left: Fuji Apple, Hokkaido Butter, Beef Seasoning

Fuji apple from Shinagawa region

One of our favourites, we were welcomed with a strong apple fragrance upon opening the package. The biscuit stick is powdered with a sweet and tart flavouring, that reminded us strongly of apple pie filling.

Butter from Hokkaido prefecture

Hokkaido is best known for its dairy products and butter is definitely one of them. The packaging itself is already mouthwatering, featuring a block of yellow butter. This biscuit avour is leaning towards the sweet side and the butter flavour stands out.

Beef seasoning from Tohoku region

Yonezawa beef is most well known from the Tohoku region for its marbled meat, comparable to the likes of Kobe beef. This flavour is filled with delightful umami taste and the roasted scent is evident in the biscuit as well as the aftertaste.

From left: Takoyaki, Mentaiko and Lemon

Takoyaki from Kinki region

One of Osaka’s most famous street foods, the takoyaki stands out brightly against the black coloured box, while the opposite side of the box features the famous Glico man who fronts the famous tourist area of Dotonbori. These biscuit sticks smell of bonito flakes, and are also sprinkled with green laver (aonori) and tastes strongly of takoyaki sauce.

Hakata Mentaiko from Kyushu region

The biscuit stick is lightly dusted with pink savoury powder and we can really taste the saltiness of the mentaiko upon the first bite. It gets milder towards the end with a faint spicy aftertaste.

Seto lemon from Chugoku region

One look and this brightly coloured box is sure to brighten up your day. This lemon flavoured biscuit is wonderfully fragrant, and dusted with a sweet and sour powder, which complements the lemon biscuit stick. Comes across as a more robust Khong Guan lemon cream biscuit.

From left: Matcha, Modanyaki and Wasabi

Nishio matcha from Chubu region

Nishio city in the Chubu region is one of Japan’s leading producers of powdered green tea, and this avour lived up to its famous namesake. The green biscuit is covered in a light powdered sugar, which melds well with its strong matcha taste. The fragrant aftertaste of the sweet green tea left us wanting more.

Modanyaki from the Tokyo region

Modanyaki is a type of Japanese savoury pancake filled with vegetables and various toppings. The box features the Tokyo Tower on both sides with different backdrops, one in the day and one at night. We would have preferred a more generous coating of seasoning, though there was an aftertaste of ginger and modanyaki sauce.

Zawa wasabi from Touhai region

One might think wasabi packs too much of a punch as a primary avour, however that’s not the case for the Zawa Wasabi. The biscuit itself is light green and dusted generously with a savoury seasoning. The wasabi taste is spicy enough to leave a tingling numbness on the tongue. Definitely one of our favourites and oh so addictive!