No time to cook? Stock your fridge up with these ready to eat meals!

Time-starved souls can now whip up an impressive spread under 15 minutes with Jade Cuisine’s Ready To Eat line, by the company who famously bought Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint in 2014. Expect 11 fine-tuned dishes (serves 2 to 4) such as tangy sweet & sour fish ($8.75), comforting 8 Treasure chicken soup ($8) and even the Kay Lee dark char siew ($12.60); these tasty meals are packed in a vacuum food grade pack and frozen till needed. The proof is in the tasting, and we were particularly impressed with how the meats didn’t taste frost-bitten or dried out. Don’t miss the only dessert in the list: authentic Teochew yam paste with gingko nuts ($7.75), smooth and bouncy the way grandma would want it. Available exclusively at Giant supermarkets.

CP Foods has introduced even more dishes to its frozen halal range, with plenty of spice to perk up an everyday meal in 10 minutes. The Thai style laksa ($4.95) from the Gourmet line is microwave ready, holding a single serve of ramen noodles, fried fish ball, fried tofu, fish cake and lemongrass-accented laksa soup in one bowl. More Thai favourites include the stir-fried chicken with holy basil and chicken Panang curry ($4.60 each)–just add hot rice for a quick meal for one. Available at major supermarkets.