Spruce your house up and get ready for Chinese New Year with some snazzy homeware items from Daiso and Ikea, without making a dent in your wallet.


Ikea is known for its affordable do-it-yourself furniture, and the layout of the store that brings you through styled rooms, making you wish they were your own. Among the offerings, they recently released their LYCKSALIG collection by designer, Inga Leo, that are a must-have to bring a Chinese New Year vibe to your home.


The red tray ($6.90) is both festive and functional. Place Chinese New Year goodies on this tray and serve them to the relatives and friends who come to visit. Although understated, this tray can subtly add to the mood on the festive occasion.

Teapot and teacups

The stoneware teapot ($15.90) and complementary teacups ($3.90/2) are perfect for serving tea to your elders, or even for yourself when Chinese New Year is over. Everyone will love the traditional design of the teapot and teacups when you bring it out for use. The brilliant red coloured glaze also adds a pop of colour to any kitchen.

Plate, Side Plate, and Bowl

The plate ($7.90), side plate ($2.90) and bowl ($2.90) can be used to serve dishes or to eat from. With sizes of 24cm, 15cm, and 10cm, these stoneware dishes can hold enough food for a person with a big appetite.  A simple design is employed to keep it beautiful without screaming CNY, making it suitable for all-year-round use.

Featured products: Tin with lid, set of 3.

Tin with lid

This set of three tins with lids ($9.90) is great for storing dry foodstuffs like cakes, biscuits and other baked goods; in this case, Chinese New Year goodies like pineapple tarts, love letters and dried shrimp rolls. Set this in the middle of the coffee table during the peak house visiting period and watch them slowly empty out. For convenient storage when not in use, the smaller tins can be stacked into the bigger tins.

All products featured are available at both Alexandra and Tampines Ikea.

317 Alexandra Road. Tel: 6786 6868

60 Tampines North Drive 2. Tel: 6786 6868


Everything costs $2, that makes it so tempting to grab anything and everything by justifying that it only costs $2. Within the huge amount of variety that they sell there, we managed to find some items to help up your decoration game and earn you some compliments.


Fill the tray with candy or watermelon seeds and pass it around the house, or leave it on the table to admire the shape. For only $2, the tray is sturdy and well made; the colours also do not call attention to it being only for Chinese New Year, which makes it a good addition to your table.


With bright yet soft pinks and reds of the flowers well contrasted with the greens, the understated design is too pretty to ignore. Great for soups and rice, this bowl is well-made and worth buying, even on impulse.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Well, these come in more than just salt and pepper shakers. The chick also comes in a soy sauce pot and milk pitcher form, while the owl comes in a cup, large seasoning cup, soy sauce pot and toothpick pot form on top of the salt and pepper shaker form pictured above. Why would you not want to add this to your kitchen? These cute little characters have us fawning over how adorable they are.

Chopstick holders

More cute finds at Daiso, another one to drop into your basket is this cute chopstick holder. It comes in the form of a fish, edamame, and regular designs; the fish chopstick holder seems apt due to it being Chinese New Year and  年年有余/鱼 Nian Nian You Yu (May every year ends with ample surplus) with the fish being a play on the word with the same pronunciation. Oh punny, but we just can’t help ourselves.

Products featured are available at all Daiso outlets.

#B2-01 Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Rd, Chinatown Point. Tel: 6702 0042