Deepavali is coming! We test out six masala-flavoured snacks to find the best munchies to spice up your festivities.


Uncle Saba’s Poppadoms (Original flavour)

($2.35, 70g)

From: Mustafa Shopping Centre


Taste test: Conveniently packaged in a can, this poppadom tastes just like the ones you get from the Indian hawker stalls, except less oily. Made from lentil flour, this tasty snack comes seasoned with pepper and cumin.This was a clear favourite, with its mild spices and crisp, light texture making it difficult for us to stop at just one.

Verdict: 4/5

Be careful with this one if you’re on a diet.

KurKure Masala Munch

($1.20, 115g)

From: Mustafa Shopping Centre


Taste test: One the “modern” masala snacks as it’s corn-based (like Twisties or Cheetos), which gives it the most satisfying crunch out of all the snacks we tested. This is moderately spicy, and had a slightly tangy aftertaste, which may not appeal to everyone.We also felt that this was a little dry, and left no lasting impact.

Verdict: 3/5

Might make a good bar snack as the taste doesn’t really linger.

Haldiram’s Masala Moong Dal

($2.00, 200g)

From: Mustafa Shopping Centre


Taste test: Made with deep-fried split mung beans, this was closer to the hard side of crunchy, although it was the most intensely-flavoured with its long list of spices. The small, individual pieces mean that you’re getting a very high seasoning-to-snack ratio.

Verdict: 3.5/5

You’ll either love or hate this — might be a little too salty for prolonged snacking.

Sf’s Chaat House Hot & Spicy Mix

($2.00, 200g)

From: Mustafa Shopping Centre


Taste test: Similar to a Bombay mix, this contained a medley of snacks like murukku, sev and peanuts. While rather spicy, the textures of the various snacks were underwhelming and felt doughy and stale. We’re also not fans of the mixture of ingredients, preferring a more homogenous snack.

Verdict: 1.5/5

Might appeal to those who want variety within a single packet.

Maiyas Masala Sticks

($2.00, 200g)

From: Mustafa Shopping Centre


Taste test: While these sticks were pretty dense, they were not hard and provided a satisfying crunch. They taste just like the murukku you can find at convenience stores — down to the whole cumin seeds embedded — albeit with a more crumbly texture.

Verdict: 3/5

For those looking for something with substantial bite.

Jabson’s Ratlami Sev

($2.00, 200g)

From: Mustafa Shopping Centre


Taste test: This was the spiciest of the lot and left our mouths burning. The texture is slightly biscuit-like, and crumbles easily upon biting.  Nonetheless, it was strangely addictive as the peppery heat and not-so-crunchy texture was a winning combination for most of us.

Verdict: 2.5/5

Only for those who can take the heat.