The lads are back with 12 enticing recipes and crazy inventions.

Dishing out the sixth season of their tongue-in-cheek TV series, acclaimed chef Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty return home for another round of tasty cooking, food science and tons of laughter. The pop-up cafe, located on the Southend Pier in Essex, has played host to stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow to Alan Carr, and will continue to welcome 12 new celebrities to cook up a storm, starting from 19 March at 8.05pm (on TLC Southeast Asia).

Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Fight Club S6

Simon Pegg’s Lamb Tagine (left) and Mark Hamill’s Roast Sirloin & Yorkshire Puddings (right)

Join Hollywood’s hottest geek (Star Trek, Hot Fuzz) Simon Pegg as he prepares a Lamb Tagine, a luxurious dish he learned to love while filming in Morocco, or feel The Force with Luke Skywalker a.k.a. Mark Hamill with his rendition of the British classic of Roast Sirloin & Yorkshire Puddings. Other on-screen royalty includes the fiery Joanna Lumley and comedian Sarah Millican, where Jamie will accentuate each of their dishes with a complementing side. Think an indulgent Provencal Bake, and an intricate M’hanncha (filo pastry stuffed with pearl barley and butternut squash, and juicy sausages – made from scratch.

Running alongside will be Jimmy’s innovative DIY segment where he showcases his imaginative solutions to our foodie dilemmas. The first episode will see him fashioning a bespoke Korean barbecue out of a picnic table for a wheelchair rugby team’s celebrations, while he uses sand and a wheelbarrow for a bespoke seafood feast for a family looking to liven up their seaside vacation.

That’s not all.

From championing the benefits of eating British rose veal to creating a vertical vegetable patch on the unlikely location of a city balcony, the lads will continue to tackle the gnawing issue of an unhealthy diet plaguing Britain.

Tune in. Or better yet, prepare some of the recipes featured in the show  to savour along with your favourite celebrities.

Episode 1: Simon Pegg’s Lamb Tagine (homemade flatbreads & harissa yoghurt)

Episode 2: Joanna Lumley’s Aubergine Kuzi (Topped with toasted sultanas & almonds)

Episode 3: Mark Hamill’s Roast Sirloin & Yorkshire Puddings (Epic beef-bone gravy & horse radish sauce)

Episode 4: Vegan M’hanncha (Savoury style with pearl barley, squash & spices)