For bread-heads and those loco over coco(nut) water.

Top image: Just Picked CocoWater


Sunshine Bakeries now offers classic wholemeal ($3.50), extra fine sprouted wholemeal ($2.80), enriched multi-grain ($2.60), enriched soft grain ($2.70) and enriched softmeal ($2.50). Endorsed by the Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB) as a Healthier Choice product, these whole grain breads can offer protection from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and certain cancers. Coffee lovers will also like the new Sunshine Mocha Cream Roll ($1). Available at major supermarkets and convenience stores islandwide.

Also on the Healthier Choice list are two coconut water brands. Coco Life 100% Coconut Water is said to be loaded with vitamins, and helps to manage blood pressure and boost the immune system. Never made from concentrate, each handy 330ml pack contains no fat, no cholesterol, no artificial flavours and hydrates naturally. Available at major supermarkets ($1.50) and convenience stores ($2.30).

Try also Just Picked CocoWater. Made from fresh coconuts that are harvested and packed in Thailand, the drink has no added sugars, no additives and no preservatives. It also has zero fat and cholesterol, and is great for post-workouts, as a hangover cure and promotes better skin. Each 330ml Tetra Pak retails at $2.50-$2.60 at selected supermarkets.