These handy gadgets and tools may be small, but they are powerful aides for the perfect meal and will perk up any desk lunch.


Quickly switch from a sticky mess of durian or honey-glazed chicken wings to your mobile phone with these handy (hurhur) finger food buddies. Awesome with pizza, BBQ ribs and nosh that stains; it’s also a great alternative to chopsticks (goodbye disposables!).

USD$19.95 (excluding shipping) for six pairs from



Ice Cream Scoop Do you scrape ice cream from the tub with a spoon? Don’t be lazy; invest in a proper scoop that comes in yummy colours for perfect spheres of frozen dessert each time. These dishwasher safe utensils are made of stainless steel with a plastic handle.

$5.90 for yellow/green/blue/pink from IKEA Tampines, 60 Tampines North Drive 2. Tel: 6786 6868


Bamboo Har Kow Steamer Case

Enjoy soft, fluffy paus, fresh siew mai and other dim sum items with this traditional steamer. Other uses: serving food or as a centrepiece, transporting pies or tarts (tie it up with a ribbon).

$2.10 (case) and $1.05 (cover) from Sia Huat, 7, 9 & 11 Temple Street. Tel: 6223 1732


Morries Barbecue Grill MS-801R

Have a quick barbecue on your patio or balcony with this portable grill. It comes with an oil-drip tray, an auto-rotating and heat selector, and a 30-minute timer. You’ll also find various accessories such as a grill rack, a fish grill and eight skewers–perfect for an intimate get-together.

$89 from SOSOON,


Mini Pastry Scraper

It’s like a spatula without the handle–and versatile too. Use this palm-sized tool to get most of the batter out of your mixing bowl and into your cake tin, spread that Swiss meringue icing evenly onto your loaf cake, or swipe the crumbs from your countertop into the sink.

$3 from iwannagohome!, #02-17/19 & 0219A/20 Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Road. Tel: 6733 0983


Oil Thermometer

“You can be good at cooking too!” the packaging for this Japanese oil thermometer declares. Able to withstand extremes from 1?C to 200?C, this heat resistant implement is true to its word: you’ll find a guide to the optimal temperatures for frying vegetables, tonkatsu and croquette or tempura on the back. Comes with a plastic sheath for storage.

$2 from Nanairo, #B1-07 Liang Court, 177 River Valley Road. Tel: 6336 5869


Egg Timer

Fancy that, a specialised timer which not only tells you how hard your yolk will be, but indicates it visually too. Pop this glassy ’paperweight’ into your pot of boiling water along with your egg(s)–we couldn’t take our eyes off it the first few times. Trust the Japanese to make egg-sitting so captivating.

$11 from Meidi-Ya Supermarket, #B1-50 Liang Court, 177 River Valley Road. Tel: 6339 1111


Panda Onigiri Rice-ball Making Set

The panda craze has not yet left Singapore. Make Japanese rice balls frolic in a garden of greens with this onigiri set. You’ll only need cooked Japanese rice and a sheet of nori (don’t worry, a template for the panda’s features is provided). Great for getting the kids to fulfil their day’s carbo intake.

$18 from Ultramix on Rakuten Singapore,