Beat the heat and order these toothsome bottled brews boasting tropical notes from Cold Storage, Thirsty and

While we might not have four seasons, it is undeniable that the middle of the year rings in the highest temperature. The cool monsoon breeze is gone, and we are left feeling sticky from the humidity. Cool off at home with these refreshing fruit-flavoured beer, which packs a punch. Best part? Most of them are available for delivery, so you never have to step out of your house.

Pineapple express

A common bevy in South Africa, pineapple beers are loved for its fruity aroma. Be reminded of an exotic beach holiday with Ballast Point Pineapple Sculpin IPA ($9.90 per bottle, $56 per 6-pack). Coupling the original tropical hop notes found in the original Sculpin with the sweet taste of juicy pineapple, this is one brew that’s certainly to guzzle down. Available from

Guavacated beer

Coranado’s gold medal, award-winning Islander IPA is given a tropical treatment in the Coronado Guava Islander IPA ($6.90 per bottle, $39 per 6-pack). Generously adding fresh guava puree into the mix, the unfiltered IPA is delightfully smooth and well-balanced.  Available from

Zesty lemon

Perfect in Singapore’s never-ending summer heat is the Anchor Meyer Lemon Lager ($6.90 per can, $39 per 6-pack). Light and easy to drink, the brew has a distinctive citrusy aroma, and a sweet malty note with a clean bitter finish that will make your mouth pucker—similar to a Meyer lemon peel. Available from

Picks from Taiwan

Containing 9% of natural lychee fruit that’s added through a second fermentation process, this refreshing Lychee Fruit Beer ($4.05) from Taiwan Beer is certain to please light tipplers, and carries a lingering lychee finish. Alternatively, the brand’s White Grape Fruit Beer ($4.05) is just as tasty, with a malty smoothness we appreciate. Available from

Get your grapefruit on

Made from real Louisiana Ruby-Red Grapefruits, pale, pilsner, and caramel malts and cascade hops, the subtle grapefruit tang brings out the strong hoppy IPA character in the Abita Grapefruit Harvest ($6.40). The notes is bright and sharp, though sweet, and pairs well with raw Louisiana oysters, ceviche and grilled chicken. Available from

Sparkling alcoholic brew

More of a alcopop than a beer, we couldn’t resist adding Hooper’s (from $8.90) to the list for their variety of flavours–Cloudy Lemonade, Strawberry & Elderflower, and Ginger Brew.  The latter is our favourite, with it intense aroma of cinnamon and gentle ginger ending. While the Strawberry & Elderflower is certain to win the hearts of light drinkers. Made with real strawberry juice, the freshness of the sweet berry is complemented well with the pleasant botanical tones of the elderflower. Available at Cold Storage, Jason’s, Market Place and selected cafes and restaurants.