Step aside, Gizzi Erskine-wannabe, and leave the food prep to these professionals! Be it a wedding or birthday, we’ve gathered the best caterers and ideas for all occasions so that you’re free to join in   your own party instead of worrying whether people will like your food. We also bring you for a peep behind the scenes–so you know all the work that goes behind the spread that you’ll be claiming credit for.


Let’s face it, no one really wants   a traditional sit-down wedding   where you’re meeting 90% of the   guests for the first time in your   life and have to spend way too   much money on fanfare and XO   for your uncles. Fortunately, there’s   a cheaper, more enjoyable option   with fairy lights, craft beers, and   Instagram-worthy food. Don’t forget   the Lomo cameras!

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The options here range from   cranberry couscous to Samsui Chicken, to keep everyone from your   fussy aunts to vegetarian friends   happy. The menu is a good mix of   trendy and traditional; their Classic   Menu ($25/pax) offers items from   11 categories, including grains,   pasta, fish, vegetarian, and dessert   and pastries. Sick of luridly colored   fruit punch and lime cordials? The   drinks provided are a step above,   with cucumber-infused homemade   lemonade, and lime iced tea made   with kaffir lime.  Tel: 3163 5335



The gourmet catering company is   helmed by chef Jeremy Nguee, who   is known for his Mod-Sin creations   including a tsukemen-style laksa. They   offer a range of options depending on   the type of reception you’re looking   for, including buffets (from $25/pax),   sharing platters (from $300 for 10-12   pax) and canapes. Most of the Asian   items come with a twist like pork   crackling with spiced apple sauce and   salmon otak.


Your style-conscious friends are not going to be caught drinking generic pilsner–get   all your IPAs, APAs and small-batch monk-brewed beers here by the carton. They   offer dozens of labels from the popular Hitachino Nest to Alaska Cider. $10 flat   delivery fee, free delivery for orders above $100.

What you’re taking credit for:

The amount of thought that goes into creating the menus. Grain stands apart with its innovative use of healthier ingredients–their slow-braised beef and duck confit lasagna uses beetroot instead of pasta   sheets Preparazzi puts effort into making sure that their healthier-choice dishes are also delicious, so guests can know that you have   their well-being at heart.


Your birthday comes every   year, so you can have a   different theme each time!   Sabo all your friends to   come as princesses, wizards   or in their school uniforms,   then make it up to them   with free (themed) food and   copious amounts of alcohol.

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They’ve got professional event planners, so you’re going to nail all the details right down to the decor and customised menus. Previous examples include an ’ice fantasy’ and ’dim sum boat’. A nautical-themed Cantonese food reception anyone?  Tel: 6383 3113


Branded as a ’mobile bar solution’, they offer an all-inclusive experience ($600 for two hours of free-flow for 40 people) by providing all the equipment, ingredients and manpower to make your booziest dreams come true. The best part? They can create a cocktail to specially suit the theme of your party, so your guests can all be drinking Butterbeer or tiki cocktails. Tel: 6284 4727

What you’re taking credit for:

Experience in party planning. CJS has got 20 years of experience in providing custom catering, including an award-winning decorating service.


You’re older now, with more responsibilities– pounding beers and filling up on chips at a party   just won’t do anymore. Enter the dinner party: polite conversation, non-disposable tableware   and produce-driven dishes. There are few things   classier than having a private chef prepare food   for you and your guests in your own home, so bring out your best dress and leave the rest to the caterers.

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Just like the LinkedIn of private chefs, their   website allows you to view the profiles of   the stable of chefs available, including their   pictures and credentials. You can even find   famed restaurateur Emmanuel Stroobant here, although it’s his head chef who will be doing   the cooking (requests to have Stroobant grace   your event can be made with a surcharge). The   kind of menus offered depends on the chef,   although most require a minimum pax of four. Tel: 6240 6806


You’ll be well taken care of by trained chefs and   butlers. They offer a whole range of cuisines   including a four-course classic French ($125/ pax) menu and even a 12-course kaiseki   menu ($350/pax) where the ingredients   are flown in from Japan twice a week. Tel: 6386 1816


Of course you want to impress your   friends. Wanderwine has sommeliers   on board to make personal   recommendations for the dinner   you’ve planned, so you can say things   like ’the hint of sour cherry pairs really   well with this duck’. $16 delivery fee,   free delivery for orders over $75.

What you’re taking credit for:

The lengths that they go to to fulfil   your requests. From plating food   for someone’s teddy bear (yes, that   happened before!) to flying in a three   Michelin-starred chef from the UK,   Clubvivre has done it all.


You’re planning an event for hundreds of people and need to provide food in a pinch.   Logistics get more complicated the more people there are, and what you need are old   hands in the catering game, companies that   can efficiently deliver on large amounts of   delicious food with minimal hiccups.



With experience catering for up to 3,000   people, you can be sure that they know   how to handle huge receptions. Their SK   Value High Tea Reception starts from $4/pax (min 100pax) for a five-course tea with   items like finger sandwiches, fried snacks   and mains–allowing you to feed all your   friends and relatives without breaking the   bank. Tel: 6411 4994

STAMFORD [halal]

You’ll be spoilt for choice with a wide range   of buffet options from international to Indian to   Japanese and even a healthy menu option (from   $11+/pax) with items like fried brown rice and   chicken dishes made with skimmed poultry.   You can even get a Super Value eight-course   buffet for $9+/pax (min 45 pax), which offers   optional side orders like otak, satay or claypot   dishes. Tel: 6852 3338


To stay hydrated, you’ll need something with   mass appeal and available in large quantities.   They offer alcohol at wholesale prices and   free deliveries with orders above $150. The   selection here includes Somersby, Carlsberg   and Asahi. Liquors, wines and champagne can   also be found, including a rather respectable   range of whiskies. Tel: 6547 8991

What you’re taking credit for:

A crazy amount of logistical planning. Significant resources including trucks, large-scale kitchens and manpower are required to cook, pack and transport all that food and equipment.


In charge of providing food   for your office? We know   it’s a delicate balancing act   between staying within the   budget (to keep your boss   happy) and impressing   everyone. We’ve got caterers   to do just that, and some   more, so you can organize   that company event that   people will talk about in the   months to come.



Office meetings will never be the same with their NextJen Meeting   packages (from $75/pax with lunch). While they have all the basic amenities like AV equipment, refreshments and WiFi, your experience is taken a step further with a choice of fun inclusions   like beanbag seatings and video game stations to induce creativity.   Of course, we can’t forget about the food; lunch is a choice of a hawker-themed buffet at J65 restaurant, or a bento or tingkat set. The packages also provide colour-themed coffee breaks to suit your   corporate image. Hotel   Jen, 1A Cuscaden Road. Tel: 6738 2222


’Singapore’s award-winning corporate caterer’ boasts a string   of accolades and close to 9,000 corporate clients served. From   buffets to bento sets, cocktail butlers and even a food truck that   serves healthy fare, they’ve got all the bases covered for you to   impress your clients or bosses. They also offer a wide range of   Asian and international cuisines, so you can have Caesar salad   next to mee goreng. Tel: 6515 0991

What you’re taking credit for:

Experience and knowledge on the needs of companies. Orange Clove has been awarded “Best Corporate Caterer” in the HRM Asia Reader’s Choice Poll, and have done catering events even at St. John’s Island, where they had to take a bumpy ferry to deliver the food and amenities.

Featured image: Clubvivre