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April: Johor Kaki

We catch up with Tony Boey of joHoR kAki over the semi-buffet at Bistro 1855. The jovial true-blue Singaporean retiree (former Singapore Air Force) has discovered his calling as a not-so-secret food anthropologist.

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Save to Spend (March 2015)

From value lunch sets at atas places to free condiments, We’ve crossed the island to uncover our favourite restaurants Without corkage charges, and a hotel buffet that offers a discount as high as the heels you Wear. for the ravenous ones among us, take your talents to a food challenge. all these and more, to stretch your dollar as far as it can go!

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#HASHTAG Happenings

Top image: Mother and Child Project   #MealsWithMyParents by A Call To Care. The campaign’s helmed by four NTU undergradswho worked with 16 cafes like SPRMRKT, Holqa Cafe and The Quarters to push the social mediamovement through selfies and discounts….

Hot Seat Newsbites

March: SG Food on Foot

We go toe-to-toe with Derrick Tan of SG Food on Foot at the Siam Square Mookata buffet.
The down-to-earth aviation specialist tells us about his favourite MRT stop amid chuckles
and meaty conversation.

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#HASHTAG Happenings (Feb 2015)

Top image: McDonald’s Singapore x LINE   @wearesingavore Remember our Jan issue which extolled the virtues of eating local? Check out We Are Singavore, a quartet of final year undergrads from the Wee Kim Wee School, NTU. This Feb, they…

Hot Seat Newsbites

February: Dan & Esther

Who: Daniel Goh and Esther Lim ( Blogging together since: 2007, a year before they got married. “Esther was looking for a writtenrecipe; I told her why not put it online? It’s easier to search and share.”  Their blog’s just…