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July: Nadia Rahmat

NADIA Rahmat’s already seated and waiting for us, a picture of calm with headphones casually placed on the table. The east-sider’s dressed in her comfy best–a white crop top proclaiming ‘Fries Before Guys’ (from @styleraiders), black leggings and high tops…

Hot Seat Newsbites

June: The Halal Food Blog

Who: Married couple Adam Shah & Maryah ( Adam’s younger brother Azlan & wife Yana officially joined the blog later. Blogging since: 2 June 2012. A: “Online searches for Halal food yielded the same results, same sites. Was that really…

Hot Seat Newsbites

May: Ieat&eat

We meet the Chuas of Ieat&eat to chat with the family of four over the Singapore Brunch buffet at Makan@Jen. Dad works in a bioscience manufacturing company; mum is an I.T. project manager, while sis and bro are students. Can blogging transform a family? We find out.

Hot Seat Newsbites

April: Johor Kaki

We catch up with Tony Boey of joHoR kAki over the semi-buffet at Bistro 1855. The jovial true-blue Singaporean retiree (former Singapore Air Force) has discovered his calling as a not-so-secret food anthropologist.

Hot Seat Newsbites

March: SG Food on Foot

We go toe-to-toe with Derrick Tan of SG Food on Foot at the Siam Square Mookata buffet.
The down-to-earth aviation specialist tells us about his favourite MRT stop amid chuckles
and meaty conversation.

Hot Seat Newsbites

February: Dan & Esther

Who: Daniel Goh and Esther Lim ( Blogging together since: 2007, a year before they got married. “Esther was looking for a writtenrecipe; I told her why not put it online? It’s easier to search and share.”  Their blog’s just…

Hot Seat Newsbites

January: DanielFoodDiary

Who: Daniel Ang ( Blogging since: May 2008, current blog started in 2011. “I wish I had a fanciful history anda snazzier name. I wanted to call it The Food Diary, but on a Twitter poll everyone said, ’Why not…