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June: Chelsea Sim

Bubbly with the brightest smile, it’s hard not to like Chelsea Sim, the 28th SEA Games gold medallist for the women’s individual taekwondo poomsae finals. Dressed in a pretty black dress and strappy platforms, the petite athlete eyes twinkled when…

Hot Seat Newsbites

May: Jeryl Tan

Jeryl Tan–better known for his popular Instagram photography account (@SmilewithJeryl) with 38.4K followers–dodges away each time the camera clicks, and we can’t help but laugh away through our session at Hotel Jen. “I’m not comfortable being in front of the…

Hot Seat Newsbites

April: Andrea

She can drink numerous cups of coffee a day without any side effects. In fact, warm coffee makes her sleepy. Andrea Tan, 21, was working part-time while still a Ngee Ann Poly Business Studies student at coffee joint 8 Stanley…

Hot Seat Newsbites

March: Weish

In this column, we pick a notable personality to go cafe-hopping with us. At idyllic Da Paolo Gastronomia near Botanic Gardens, local looper talent Weish lets us in beneath her aloof exterior, to the bubbly and multi-versed musician that she is.

Hot Seat Newsbites

February: Clarence Wee

In this column, we pick a notable personality to go cafe-hopping with us. Meredith Woo explores the connection between calligraphy and working out at the gym with calligrapher Clarence Wee

Hot Seat Newsbites

January: Sukki Singapora

Sukki Singapora is telling me the names of her cats–Ivan and Seven of Nine–and the Star Trek: Voyager reference completely flies past my head. “When I was a child, I played with dinos and watched sci-fi films with my dad,” …

Hot Seat Newsbites

December: Joey Lim (Angelus)

When Joey Lim arrives, everyone can’t help but stare. Dressed as Lucy Thorne from Assassin’s Creed–a prototype, she insists–the freelance photographer, also known as Angelus online, is bedecked in elaborate Victorian garb, black leather with feathers, ruffles, purple trimmings and…

Hot Seat Newsbites

November: Faz Ismail

Faz Ismail is watching you. Actually, just your hair: “I can tell how much a person takes pride in his or herself, just by how much they pay attention to their hair. Even a simple comb-through speaks volumes.”  When we…

Hot Seat Newsbites

September: Zermatt Neo

Physiotherapist. Personal trainer. Those are the occupations one would immediately associate with Zermatt Neo due to his well-built physique and sculpted abs. He’s the chap that aunties at the gym would ask, “Ah boy, you just completed NS ah?”  but…