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10 best sandwich lunches

Boufé Boutique Café #01-01 Phoenix Park, 308 Tanglin Road. Tel: 67347656Sub-lime: Truffle house baked baguette ($17), homemade pastry crowned with truffle mushroom ragout, a hard-boiled egg and fresh greens. Club Meatballs #01-35 China Square Central, 20 Cross Street. Tel: 6222…

Eat Restaurants & Cafes

My fussy Valentine’s (Feb 2015)

MY VALENTINE’S IS…   STINGY   If he declares, “We’re not spending more than $50!”– then you should drag him outdoors. And make him carry the lovingly prepared basket from Food For thought at the Botanic Gardens. Customise your own or order…

Eat Restaurants & Cafes

Bready, set, munch!

Bread & HearthWhat you’ll loaf: bacon focaccia ($6.50), lined with streaky bacon on a homemade béchamel spread. The Keong Saik neighbourhood may be saturated with hipster cafés, but it certainly has room for unpretentious listings like Bread & Hearth. Be…