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Burgers &MADE to please

Images: &MADE Burger Bistro Irreverence aside, we’ve got the lowdown on the new buns on the block at Pan Pacific’s gourmet burger joint. They’re serious stuff–dry aged beef patties, a chicken thigh without a bone to pick, and a side…

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Wine pairings for hawker: Indian rojak

Indian rojakLiterally meaning ‘mixture’ in Malay, rojak aptly describes a dish with a myriad of ingredients. The Indian iteration uses dough fritters, bean sprouts, hard boiled eggs, cuttlefish, cucumber and bean curd tossed in a spicy-sweet peanut sauce. Silly Goose…

Eat Hawkers

Wine pairings for hawker: laksa

The Dish: LaksaA Peranakan dish which has a creamy coconut based curry noodle soup, filled with dried shrimp, cockles and prawns. Singapore’s variation of this dish, known as Katong Laksa, sees the thick rice noodles cut into shorter lengths, perfect…

Eat Hawkers

Wine pairings for hawker: chicken rice

The Dish: Chicken RiceHainanese chicken rice gets its name from the dish’s creation by Hainanese immigrants in Southeast Asia. This local obsession features rice cooked in chicken stock, garlic and ginger, topped with roasted, white or braised chicken and a…

Eat Hawkers

The Hawker Revolution (August 2014)

A new Bedok hawker centre preparing to open in October will provide customers with the option of paying with NETS contactless cards, while free wi-fi makes it easier to upload a selfie over kopi and kaya toast.The news comes even…