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5 Under $50* Italian buffets

Italian food at affordable prices are hard to come by, much less Italian buffets. Never fear, here are our great finds to fit your cravings! *Includes two quality picks at $52 and $58!

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10 best sandwich lunches

Boufé Boutique Café #01-01 Phoenix Park, 308 Tanglin Road. Tel: 67347656Sub-lime: Truffle house baked baguette ($17), homemade pastry crowned with truffle mushroom ragout, a hard-boiled egg and fresh greens. Club Meatballs #01-35 China Square Central, 20 Cross Street. Tel: 6222…

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My fussy Valentine’s (Feb 2015)

MY VALENTINE’S IS…   STINGY   If he declares, “We’re not spending more than $50!”– then you should drag him outdoors. And make him carry the lovingly prepared basket from Food For thought at the Botanic Gardens. Customise your own or order…

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Top 10 romantic buffets 2015

Want to win her (or him) over, get closer, or even seal the deal? Bring your flowers, your warmest smile and perhaps diamond ring to these gorgeous restaurants for a splendid Valentine’s date.