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Where to eat and drink in Duxton Road: Romantic restaurants and bars to bring your date

The Duxton area was a former 13-hectare nutmeg plantation with 1,800 trees introduced to Singapore in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles. The nutmeg court at The Pinnacle @ Duxton marks this historic presence, now surrounded by towering blocks and hipster hangouts. Pockets of quiet parks and converted shophouses make this a destination full of character in the midst of the CBD.

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All is Farrer in old and new

Since the establishment of Farrer Park MRT station, the surrounding area has turned from sleepy to hipster. While renowned Indian restaurants still stand their ground, the place now buzzes with new, attractively-styled cafes. BiTES susses out the vicinity for a perfect day out.

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Hungry for heritage

What better place to venture to during Lunar New Year than Chinatown, Singapore’s largest historic district? The BiTES team had a tough time trying to narrow down the sights and munchies: we meet an amazing craftsman, sample handmade traditional delights, and stroll along hip Keong Saik Road. There’s also free Wi-Fi (Wireless@Chinatown), lion dance performances (Sat 6.45pm, Pagoda Street), and trishaw rides ($49, from the visitor centre).

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Goin’ to the chapel of love

CHIJMES (30 Victoria Street) CHIJMES–the 159-year-old grand dame OverviewIn her past life as a convent compound, CHIJMES housed an orphanage, schools, dorms and a chapel. The site underwent redevelopment after 1983. Part of the compound became SMRT’s HQ; and the…