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Interior goals: cookware shops we love

MAYERCome here for: Imported kitchen appliances ranging from sophisticated built-ins and free standing ones, to small kitchen appliances and air treatment products Mayer’s motto “The Heart of Your Home”  couldn’t be more accurate. Look for long-lasting brands like KitchenAid, Ariston,…

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DIY instant Indian

Whip up a three-course meal in minutes? #ChallengeAccepted. We trawl through the extensive range of ready-made meals available out there to create our gourmet take on vegetarian fare.

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The yolk’s on you – a most egg-cellent story

April bodes The springtime celebration of Easter, traditionally a Christian festival. but if you pop into supermarkets this month, you’ll find candy eggs (usually chocolate) of all origins and flavours nested in the shelves (see supermarket sleuth p22), a delicious symbol of rebirth and fertility. Other Easter egg-tivities include egg painting, egg hunting (look out for the Easter bunny!), And even rolling eggs down a hill. And just ’cause we love these fragile spheres, we bring you fun facts, our very own BiTES egg station, plus 10 brunch spots for your fill of #eggporn.

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One-pot pastas

On days when even pasta seems too hard to make, here’s the laziest way to get dinner ready: throw your ingredients into a pot and let it cook itself. Whether you like it meaty, vegetarian or even Thai, pair the results with a fizzy Italian fruit soda to spruce up a reinvented meal at home.

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The liquid diet

Drink nothing but liquids for three days? Not for us! We at BiTES love our food-chewing ways too much. However, after having overly indulged during the heavy feasting season, we decided to start the year by swapping a meal or two every week with something from the blender. The results? Surprisingly delicious and inexpensive compared to store-bought juices.