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These handy gadgets and tools may be small, but they are powerful aides for the perfect meal and will perk up any desk lunch.

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Trick or treat!

Be prepared for all hallows eve, for staying home shall grant no reprieve, as the young make their rounds, trick or treating on your grounds. Bolt your doors and check your locks, as we review these chips and chocs; a simple guide to help decide, which to give and which to hide.

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Back to basics

Citrus Glass Squash Bottle Squeeze and pulp components in this lightweight ’juice extractor’ glass bottle; each section can be unscrewed separately. Just add water (or any beverage), fruit or vegetable, and you’re set for an energising day ahead. $39.90 from…

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Let’s drink to this

Do you linger in the pantry just to pick out a cup for your java? Yes you, with that kitchen cupboard filled with chalices which define who you are. Make space on the shelves before reading on: you’ll need it.

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The daily grind

By Joel Lim   Joyoung Soy Milk Maker DJ13C- D08SG(S)This refreshed model comes with an additional ‘Double Thick’ function, grinding down the beans into ultra-fine particles which impart more nutrients, greater taste and fragrance. It is also more than just…

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Most wanted list

No local breakfast is complete without kopi and slices of perfectly crisp kaya toast. We prowl our supermarkets to bring you a selection of the tastiest brands.