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Going green

Green is the new black. We’ve sifted out the best items to help you eat clean, prevent wastage, and turn your kitchen into a lush space.

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The spirit of gifting

CHRISTMAS CARD For the friend who loves a laugh: send a pugalicious card to light up someone’s Christmas! $3.50 from Typo, #01-18 313 Somerset. Tel: 6509 6951   STRALA LED LANTERN For the young and young at heart: this handy…

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Kitchen tools for Children

MAYER Mini Cupcake & Mini Donut Maker Honey, I shrunk the treats! Cute confections are not just for the kids–these tiny bites can vanish in a mouthful, great for parties or a quick after-dinner snack. And if you’re baking with…

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Lights and sides

LINDVED SIDE TABLE A quaint addition to the house that fits in just as well in a modern living room as it does in a rose garden, this table was made for that perfect Instagram shot of your photogenic muesli-and-fruit…

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Speed delivery (October 2014)

In days gone by, tingkats were an affordable and fuss-free way to get hot, homecooked food delivered directly to the workplace or home. But as time went by, more hawker centres, food courts and in-house canteens popped up everywhere, and…

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It’s a partay~

Whether you’re catering to kids, convivial chums or entertaining colleagues, these colourful table additions will be the talking point.