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The yolk’s on you – a most egg-cellent story

April bodes The springtime celebration of Easter, traditionally a Christian festival. but if you pop into supermarkets this month, you’ll find candy eggs (usually chocolate) of all origins and flavours nested in the shelves (see supermarket sleuth p22), a delicious symbol of rebirth and fertility. Other Easter egg-tivities include egg painting, egg hunting (look out for the Easter bunny!), And even rolling eggs down a hill. And just ’cause we love these fragile spheres, we bring you fun facts, our very own BiTES egg station, plus 10 brunch spots for your fill of #eggporn.

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Pin my kitchen!

Time to Jazz up your repertoire of culinary tools. These picture-worthy pieces look great on your Instagram feed and Pinterest pinboards.

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One-pot pastas

On days when even pasta seems too hard to make, here’s the laziest way to get dinner ready: throw your ingredients into a pot and let it cook itself. Whether you like it meaty, vegetarian or even Thai, pair the results with a fizzy Italian fruit soda to spruce up a reinvented meal at home.

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Value buys (under $10)

Shotglass Bargain hunters have long known about Hock Siong, the karang guni in a warehouse. You’ll find furniture, bedding and kitchenware galore–sometimes used, sometimes brand new. Lucky us–we stumbled across this unopened set of fine champagne shot glasses. Do note…

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Meat the alternatives

It’s bak kwa season again, and you’re ready to try something new. BiTES scoured Singapore for duck, fish, beef and vegan options, along with our favourite affordable pork brand to get your lunar new year off on a chewy start.

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Oh, goat on

GRAPHIC BOWL This black iron graphic bowl is the perfect centerpiece to house your Mandarin oranges and impress hipster friends, and will look good all year round. $95 from BoConcept Paragon, #04-01/02/03 Paragon, 290 Orchard Road. Tel: 6736 0777  …

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The liquid diet

Drink nothing but liquids for three days? Not for us! We at BiTES love our food-chewing ways too much. However, after having overly indulged during the heavy feasting season, we decided to start the year by swapping a meal or two every week with something from the blender. The results? Surprisingly delicious and inexpensive compared to store-bought juices.